Bells and Whistles

Hot Tub Upgrades! 

Neck Massage Zone

A neck massage therapy system is one of the most relaxing features in a spa. Finding the right hot tub upgrades to relieve stress and muscle pain in the neck for many can be the central feature in their hot tub. Our Sales Team can help you find the hot tub that fits your body size and will effectively provide the kind of massage you are looking for.

We recommend the MAAX Collection Comfort Collar for customers with neck issues. The reverse folded Comfort Collar’s unique cushion supports your next, gently cradling your head while adjustable cyclone jets massage neck and should muscles. The Comfort Collar also allows a relaxing massage above the water line. It’s like having your neck massed by a loved on. This hallmark feature is on the of the reasons many have already chosen a MAAX Collection hot tub.

Foot Relief Station

Therapeutic foot massage relaxes the entire body by increasing circulation via points on the foot which correspond to all parts of the body. Strategically positioned and fully adjustable jets have been designed to target the entire foot with streams of stimulating pressure.


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