Clean Water Technology

Perfect moments deserve perfect, Clean Water Technology. The water maintenance of your spa is made easy by the exclusive features of each hot tub we sell at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas. Each line of hot tub has its unique water purification systems that keep each tub running cleanly and clearly. The high quality of water is one of the most important features to consider when evaluating a spa. Clean water is the cornerstone of spa enjoyment.

The Power of Ozone and UV

MAAX has taken it’s cue from nature combining the benefits of ozone and UV light. The purification process starts with 100% continuous filtration. This means all the water is continually being filtered and purified. the use of UVC light is the same technology utilized in many communities around the world to purify drinking water. The Ozone System is used to oxidize and clean your spa water.

These systems do not require any cleaning or maintenance whatsoever and greatly reduces chemical maintenance. Enjoy clean water throughout the life time of your spa. Ask our Sales Team about Maax hot tubs with Ozone and UV.


Crystal clear water, minimal maintenance and a healthy purifying experience are available in each hot tub we sell at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas. Knowing your water is clean and easy to maintain makes owning a hot tub much more comfortable. Ask our Sales Team to show you how each tub is designed to keep your water in optimum condition. RnR Hot Tubs and Spas offers Monthly Maintenance packages to clean and maximize your hot tubs performance. 

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