Industry Leading Warranties

Steel Frame Construction

MAAX makes durable long lasting hot tubs. For durability, light weight and solid construction many of MAAX’S brands are made with Steel Frames. These hot tubs come with a LIFETIME STEEL STRUCTURE WARRANTY.

The steel frame is the backbone and support for the entire spa. The Steel Structure of many of MAAX’S hot tubs carries a lifetime warranty. This means for the lifetime of your ownership you can feel secure knowing any component of the structural frame will be replaced or fixed to factory specifications should it become damaged in the operation of the spa.

20% lighter, yet 250% stronger than traditional wood frames



Ask out Sales Team about our hot tubs with Lifetime Steel Structure Warranty. 


Exclusive to MAAX Spas, the Thermo-Lock™ insulation system now features the eco-friendly ‘BlueMAAX’ insulation. Made from recycled natural fiber, it is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. The insulation contains no chemical irritants, is treated with a borate-based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation, and acts as a fire retardant. BlueMAAX® replaces urethane foam commonly used in “foam filled” hot tubs. The “foam filling” process in conventional spas can produce as much as 50 lbs. of volatile organic components (VOC’s) which are harmful to the environment. The new energy system also allows for easy service access, and can be taken out and put back together to factory specifications right in your home.

Ask out Sales Team about our hot tubs with the Lifetime Steel Insulation Warranty.