Maaximum Energy Efficiency

All of the hot tubs at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas have been engineered for use all year long. MAAX Spas has brought intensive research and development to bring all of its customers energy efficient products. Conserving energy reduces monthly utility bills which not only saves money, but also lessens the carbon footprint for a better tomorrow.


This system is the ultimate in sound and heat energy management for your hot tub. Built like a thermal pane window, air is trapped for sound and heat insulation. All four sides, plus the floor are lined with reflective material, and this combined with Blue MAAX creates and infrared thermal barrier. This unique thermal barrier technology recycles radiant heat energy for faster, more efficient heating and energy cost reductions. Radiant heat energy from the pumps and equipment reflects back to the spa and is absorbed into the plumbing. This helps raise and maintain water temperature, improving heat efficiency. Energy created by the spa stays in the spa. In addition to its warm waters and quiet operation, these features add to your overall spa enjoyment.


BlueMAAX Exclusive to MAAX Spas, the Thermo-Lock™ insulation system now features the eco-friendly ‘BlueMAAX’ insulation. Made from recycled natural fiber, it is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. The insulation contains no chemical irritants, is treated with a borate-based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation, and acts as a fire retardant. BlueMAAX® replaces urethane foam commonly used in “foam filled” hot tubs. The “foam filling” process in conventional spas can produce as much as 50 lbs. of volatile organic components (VOC’s) which are harmful to the environment. The new energy system also allows for easy service access, and can be taken out and put back together to factory specifications right in your home. Ask out Sales Team about our hot tubs with the Lifetime Steel Insulation Warranty. Link to contact form.

Insulating Cover

Insulating covers have been designed for superior heat and moisture retention. The cover’s fit keeps water from evaporating while also maintaining the temperature. The cover also acts as an important safety barrier and can be locked to keep out children, pests or uninvited guests. For more information on cover click here. 

Quiet Operation

The same insulation that makes our hot tubs energy efficient also aids in it’s quiet operation. Sound energy is trapped and deadened inside the spa by the insulation barriers. Quiet operation is essential to ensure a peaceful and relaxing experience throughout the entire backyard.

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