Gecko IN.THERM 4.0KW Remote Heater for IN.XM control systems





Intelligent remote water heating system designed to be totally maintenance free.

(heater may be a Blue color)


  • 4KW, 230 Volts
  • Cables attached
  • Ships in the red 0603-409001 or the Bue 0603-416001
  • Only fits IN.XM Gecko spa control pack

Separated from the IN.XM pack, the in.therm is an intelligent 4kw remote heater that integrates electronics in its power box. It includes a built-in temperature probe and a new water flow detection feature that eliminates the need of a pressure switch. In.therm controls multiple power levels on a single element extending its lifetime by heating at high power only when needed. With no moving parts and no adjustments, in.therm is hassle free and defines new levels of reliability.

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