• ScumBoss uses microfibers to suck up scum!
  • IT’S A FACT • Natural occuring body oils, organic material and shock debris all contribute to hot tub scum.
  • BETTER THAN FOAM BUGS AND BALLS • ScumBoss is like a scum magnet. Its microfiber technology and roller design trap scum, quickly and efficiently.
  • Unlike foam bugs and balls that collect scum via tiny pockets, ScumBoss offers two clear advantages. First, it traps scum on EACH microfiber. These microfibers are extremely thin, providing a vast dirt-collection surface. Second, ScumBoss is easier to clean. No pockets mean more effective removal of trapped scum.
  • WASH AND GO • When ScumBoss is dirty, just throw it in your washing machine and use it again. Replace yearly for peak performance • Want one in the tub and one for the wash? See our Twin Pack listing for a price discount. Patent pending. BEFORE using make sure to use cartridge cleaner on your filter and hot tub flush before changing your water. ScumBoss works best when you start fresh!
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