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Why over pay for a hot tub at a big fancy showroom?

With the average cost of $ 50,000 for most showroom space, there are NO savings … but actually HIGHER prices, and even HIGHER pressure. Come to our warehouse location and SAVE huge on top quality spas. We do things a little differently here at RnR Hot Tubs….no pressure, no gimmicks ., and low overhead. As Calgary’s top service company for over 25 yrs, we love educating our clients on the differences between brands. We believe in educating and showing the differences to help you make the best decision for YOU and YOUR needs. Our friendly knowledgeable staff takes pride in assisting you with finding your perfect hot tub within your desired budget.


Best Built Brand
In North America


Superior MAAX Steel Frame Hot Tubs and Northern Exposure insulation, the most technologically advanced thermal system available. Spray foam is outdated, harmful to the environment, inaccessible , and loses r-value outside. Come see for yourself how a MAAX SPA is an absolute game changer. Steel Frame construction means your spa will be level and beautiful for as long as you own it. Wood frame spas can warp, bend, crack and split causing your spa shell to stress and eventually be compromised . RnR Hot Tubs , a company built by service techs over 25yrs in Calgary. We selected MAAX Spas based on years of servicing all the brands available, and found nothing comes close to a MAAX spa.
Come in and talk to our knowledgeable friendly staff, you’ll be glad you did. No pressure No gimmicks


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Don’t just buy a hot tub, make sure you choose the right company. 

Our Hottubs are backed by the City’s most knowledgeable service team. 

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