Best Family Tubs

Vita Spas Grand

[ezcol_2fifth][/ezcol_2fifth][ezcol_3fifth_end]One of the larger tubs in the Vita Spa line, the Grand offers comfortable seating for 6-7 people. This makes it perfect for Calgarians with larger families or several friends. It features 53 jets and has numerous, fantastic options available. Clean Zone 1 and Clean Zone 2 use ozone and UV light respectively to sterilize your hot tub. These two technologies are used around the world to clean drinking water, and together they destroy 99.9% of all bacteria, virus, and other microbes. You’ll also enjoy the Bluetooth stereo and WiFi.[/ezcol_3fifth_end]


Vita Spas Envie

[ezcol_2fifth][/ezcol_2fifth] [ezcol_3fifth_end]Slightly smaller than the Grand, Envie offers seating for 6 people, but has one more jet at 54. What makes this tub different is it’s luxurious lounger. Like the Grand, the Envie has options for Clean Zone 1 and Clean Zone 2. Both of these hot tubs also come standard with a corrosion and weather-proof steel frame that is lightweight, durable, and built to handle winters in Canada. They feature the environmentally friendly Thermo-Lock™ insulation system, which uses MAAX’s famous ‘BlueMAAX’ insulation — a recycled, natural fiber insulation free of chemical irritants.[/ezcol_3fifth_end]


American Whirlpool 982

[ezcol_2fifth][/ezcol_2fifth] [ezcol_3fifth_end]The American Whirlpool 982 is one of our best selling family hot tubs, offering an astonishing 84 jets as well as 3 pumps within. The 982 is great for the entire family and even allows you to have some colleagues over while you enjoy 2 lounging seats and a Zone Therapy™ Seat, as well as digital color optic lighting to add to the fun! [/ezcol_3fifth_end]

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