Comfort Seating & Massage

Comfort Seating

Our Sales Professionals are trained to help you find the hot tub that fits your body size. For hot tubs “one size does not fit all.” We encourage our customers to sit in our hot tubs to find the right fit. Whether you are a large man or petite woman MAAX has created a hot tub to fit you. You can feel comfortable knowing that our Sales Team will assist you to find the perfect model to fit your shape and size. Depending on the model you prefer, seating ranges from an open style to those designed to keep you in position so the jets can work their miracles. You’ll find each hot tub has its unique jetting and seat design to provide the optimum massage to meet your needs.


Whether it is diminishing the stresses of everyday life, healing a sports injury, relieving aching joints and stiff muscles due to arthritis or simply letting you achieve a good nights sleep – your hot tub can help. MAAX’s Hot Tubs are designed to provide a more effective massage. The Maax Collection hot tubs for example are physician designed and utilize Zone Therapy with strategically positioned jets to target specific pain zones that contain muscular trigger points. More jets don’t necessarily mean a more effective massage. Precisely locating the correct size jet and massaging action where they are most effective is key to relieving pain and stiffness throughout the entire body. The Zone Therapy concept has been designed by medical specialists in the fields of physical rehabilitation and massage therapy. MAAX has taken jets to a new level and has scientifically designed their jets to provide the most satisfying massage. These jets maximize performance and improve the massaging action.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage will relieve pain and tension locked deep in the muscles and connective tissue of the body. Additional circulation, promoted by jet stimulation, will release tension and promote a healing reaction in injured areas. The deep soothing streams of jet propelled water are designed to loosen muscles and harmonize the body’s own healing reaction.

Soft Tissue Massage

In some cases, extremely tired or injured muscles need a softer touch. In this case, supportive seating combined with direct air injection technology promotes blood flow and “vacillation,” the awakening of smaller blood vessels through the body. In effect is mild vibration int he spa, to soothe, refresh and heal.

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