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PowerPool™ Swim Spas

Swim Spas

Find the Swim Spa that is right for you and your family here at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas. Enjoy the features of a swimming pool and the benefits of MAAX’s PowerPool™ fine design. You can experience both fitness and relaxation in the same spa, and have room for your kids to play too! Create your ideal environment for fitness, relaxation, hydrotherapy and spending time with loved ones, all in the comfort of your home! PowerPool™ Swim Spas are the best way to enjoy an outdoor swimming environment year round, even in Alberta’s cold winters. The technology of hot tubs keeps swim spas insulated all year and the cover ensures that you have a great water environment to use everyday of the year. A great investment at any time, buying a Swim Spa for your home will add value for years to come.

Toning and Sculpting

Your Swim Spa can be equipped with an aquatic exercise packet that features modern resistance band technology. Whether you are looking to tone, strength train or add muscle mass, the Swim Spas will maximize your results through efficient heat dissipation in the comfortable warm water environment.

Swim Training

Swimming has long been known as the ultimate zero-impact exercise and is widely prescribed by physicians for patients who want to get in shape or tone their body. Each Swim Spa employs an impressive water propulsion system that works in concert with its floor design.

Aerobic Training

A wide variety of aerobic exercises are possible in Swim Spas. Aqua jogging is especially effective as the deep water neutralizes the effects of gravity while increasing resistance for an amazing low impact workout. In addition, fitness experts recommend a warm water fitness regime to maximize weight loss.