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While we prefer to recommend the medically therapeutic benefits of MAAX Spas, our team is also Calgary’s leading name in hot tub service, including tune-ups, moving, set-up, and installation of accessories on all makes and models of hot tubs, such as Jacuzzi, Beachcomber, Arctic, Polar, Dynasty, Bullfrog, and many more.

If you’re unsure of your ability to properly care for your hot tub, we offer a variety of service packages that are designed to keep you enjoying your hot tub year round. At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we strive to make owning a hot tub as hassle-free as possible, and we remain available as a resource for all current and prospective customers. Give us a call at 1-403-203-0860, or stop into our showroom, to discuss your unique hot tubs needs today!

RnR Hot Tubs & Spas is Calgary’s leading service provider of all Brands including Jacuzzi, Beachcomber, Arctic, Polar, Dynasty, Bullfrog, Artisan, Caldera, Cal Spas, Coast, Dimension One, Hot Spring, L.A. Spa, Marquis, Pacific, Sundance, White Water, and More!

We provide service:

On all makes and models of hot tubs

  • Tune-ups
  • Moving
  • Set-up
  • Installation of accessories

Water Testing

Comprehensive diagnostics is one more way we strive to be the best hot tub company in Alberta. Water testing ensures optimum performance and health for every hot tub we service. In combination with the industry’s best chemical line, our water quality testing services lets you relax knowing that you are supported by Calgary’s most knowledgeable service provider.

We are committed to high water quality and encourages all of our customers to take advantage of our in house services. Call or visit our showroom if you have any questions.

To ensure optimum performance of your hot tub we have:

  • An in-house water testing laboratory
  • Hot tub chemicals
  • Chemical support
  • Free delivery of chemicals on orders over $100

Service Packages

Enjoy your hot tub year round and take advantage of these industry leading service packages available to you.

Tune-up Packages
Inspection, tune-up, optimization
Snowbird/Holiday Maintenance Package
Shut down, draining and winterize. Start-up, cleaning and fill.

Monthly Maintenance

Making hot tub ownership easy!

For our customers who want maintenance support, we provide an all-inclusive Home Care Service Package.

We will guarantee a clean and comfortable hot tub for you and your guests to enjoy. Our Home Care Service Package will help you control costs by having one monthly maintenance fee.

Chemical Delivery

We provide our Calgary customers with free chemical delivery for orders over $100 and want to ensure optimum performance and water quality of every hot tub we sell.

Visit our showroom and take advantage of the savings available to you.

Soundsystem Upgrade

State-of-the-art Bluetooth technology puts the music at your fingertips. Enjoy your favorite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use music system. Consider adding bluetooth to your sound system. This allows you to hook to your system wirelessly. Contact our service team to see if your hot tub is able to be upgraded.

Please include:

  • Brand name
  • Year of model
  • Model number

Wifi Upgrade

Complete control at the tip of your finger. Why go out in the cold to check your hot tub when you can do it from the comfort of your home or office. Wifi lets you have control from anywhere. Control the temperature, change filter cycles to save money or turn on the jets and lights before slipping into the soothing waters. Available on BP systems only. Hot tubs must be compatible. Contact our service team to see if your hot tub can be upgraded.

Please include:

  • Brand name
  • Year of model
  • Model number

Clean Zone 1 and Clean Zone II

Consider adding the Clean Zone 1 and Clean Zone II systems to reduce maintenance and chemical use while keeping the waters of your hot tub crystal clean. These systems are only available on compatible hot tubs. Contact our Service Team to see if your hot tub is able to be upgraded.

Please include:

  • Brand name
  • Year of model
  • Model number

Accessory Installation

Stairs, handrails, cover lifters and more, can make your hot tub become a spa, a place to entertain, or just get away from it all. Consider a bluetooth remote music system, umbrella, or drink tray to make things just the way you like them.

Contact us now to book and appointment.

Pool School

When you’re a first-time hot tub buyer, it can be difficult to know what to look for. It can also be confusing to learn how to properly maintain your hot tub once it’s installed. We recognize this learning curve and we seek to ease the transition by offering the industry’s first Pool School.

New hot tub owners can sign up for a one-hour certification course that will teach them about proper care and maintenance of their new hot tub. More specifically, new owners will learn about the five essential chemicals a hot tub needs, how to properly use these chemicals, why these chemicals are important, and how they function to keep your hot tub clean. Upon completion of the course, each customer receives a certificate and vital contact information for the most qualified service team in the industry.



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