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We Sell the Best and Service the Rest

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas is Calgary’s leading name in hot tub service for all makes and models.

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas has over 30 years of experience and has hand picked all of our products for our customers enjoyment, quality and longevity. We provide service on all makes and models of hot tubs. 

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas is Alberta’s #1 destination for hot tubs and swim spas Sales, Service and Supplies. RnR Hot Tubs and Spas is a Gold Member recognized Maax Spas dealer. With industry leading warranties on Steel Frame and Northern Exposure Insulation, our trained Service Technicians provide industry leading Service Excellence. 

Supported by excellent warranty coverage with Maax Spas, RnR Hot Tubs and Spas is the preferred company to invest in when purchasing a hot tub. The Maax Spas line of hot tubs and swim spas are the Best Built product for Canada. 

If you’re unsure of your ability to properly care for your hot tub, we offer a variety of service packages that are designed to keep you enjoying your hot tub year round. At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we strive to make owning a hot tub as hassle-free as possible, and we remain available as a resource for all current and prospective customers. Give us a call at 1-403-203-0860, or stop into our showroom, to discuss your unique hot tubs needs today!

All Models

We Service all makes and modes of hot tubs and swim spas, such as Jacuzzi, Beachcomber, Arctic, Polar, Dynasty, Bullfrog, Artisan, Caldera, Cal Spas, L.A. Spa, Marquis Hot Springs and many more.

RnR Hot Tubs & Spas is Calgary’s leading service provider of all Brands including Jacuzzi, Beachcomber, Arctic, Polar, Dynasty, Bullfrog, Artisan, Caldera, Cal Spas, Coast, Hot Spring, L.A. Spa, Marquis, Pacific, Sundance, White Water, and More!

50 Point Inspection

Ensure your spa is working at its peak! Have our team evaluate your spa once per year to ensure optimum performance.

Drain and Refill

Your water needs refreshing! We will drain and refill your spa. You need to have a water source available and access to power. Consider upgrading to one of our cleaning packages should you want your tub to be cleaned at the same time.

Exterior Clean

We will wipe down the skirt, apply cover care and clean your steps.

Interior Clean

Wipe interior surfaces, clean jets and jet housing, flush lines.

Deep Interior Clean

Time for a deep clean. We will purge your lines with degreasing chemicals to clear body oils from hidden lines, wipe interior surfaces, clean jets and jet housing, flush lines. This service also includes a complimentary 50 point inspection.

Extra costs applied at $95/hour after 2 hours.


Not using your spa for the winter? RnR HotTubs will drain your spa, wipe the interior of your spa with a Clean product. We will add several jugs of antifreeze to prevent freezing. The customer must provide a spot to dispose of water or be home to show us where they would like the water drained. This service is warrantied given the customer has ensured no water has accessed the spa. It also includes a complimentary 50 point inspection.

*Please call the office for Swim Spa prices.


Time to start up your spa? Let us clean out the antifreeze and get your tub running again. We will clean out your lines, wipe the interior of your spa with a Clean product, lube/replace “o” rings and gaskets if needed. This service also includes a complimentary 50 point inspection.

*Please call the office for Swim Spa prices.

Chemical Balancing

Do you need some help balancing your chemicals? We are happy to help. Have our team come test your water and correct imbalances. If you would like us to do more, consider our Monthly Water Maintenance program.

Pump Maintenance

Recommended every 2.5 years, we will replace seals, gaskets and “o” rings. This is recommended in warm weather conditions as pumps need to be brought to our shop. We can do this for you, or if you are handy you can save some money and bring them to us.

Cover Replacement

As time goes on you will notice your cover will become heavy and saturated with water. This usually occurs after 3-5 years depending on water maintenance. We can measure, order and deliver your new cover to you. We will also dispose of your old heavy cover too.

UV and Ozone System Maintenance

Through annual 50 point inspections we can take a look to ensure your system is operating optimally. Around the 2 year mark the bulb and ozone may need to be replaced.

Warranty Care

We are your certified warranty service provider for Maax Spas. Refer to your warranty information for warranty care. Please do not tinker with your spa components while under warranty coverage and let the professionals ensure you get the right parts for the issue. Call our office to book service.

Free Water Testing

Comprehensive diagnostics is one more way we are the Premier hot tub company in Alberta. Water testing ensures optimum performance and health for every hot tub we service. In combination with the industry’s best chemical line, our water quality testing services lets you relax knowing that you are supported by Calgary’s most knowledgeable service provider.

We are committed to high water quality and encourages all of our customers to take advantage of our in house services. Call or visit our showroom if you have any questions.

Please bring in a water sample to our shop for our staff to advise on the best course of action to remedy your water chemistry. Available during business hours.

General Service

To book service, please call our administrator Monday to Friday with your make, model and serial number. We require a credit card on file to book site visits. Charges will be applied at the completion of service if not warranty.

Online Store

Our online store provides the convenience and ease to ensure you are accessing all the best chemicals and accessories to meet your needs. www.rnrhottubs.com

Chemical Delivery

Need a few extra items and can’t make it in to our shop. Please feel free to call in your order for us to ship or deliver to you when we are in your area.  

Hot Tub Moves

Are you moving? Selling your hot tub? or Inheriting a tub? 

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas provides comprehensive moving and installation services to get you back in the comfort of your hot tub. Call our office today to book your call.

Accessory Installation

Stairs, handrails, cover lifters and more, can make your hot tub become a spa, a place to entertain, or just get away from it all. Our trained Service professionals are here to help and take care of the details for you. Call our office to book a Service call and enjoy all the benefits of getting your hot tub set up professionally. 

Spa School

At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas we make owning a hot tub easy and affordable without compromising quality. Invest in quality and the Services our company offers to make owning a hot tub a pleasure. 

As part of your purchase you can benefit from our Spa School and learn how to manage your hot tub easily and effortlessly. Our trained professionals are here to empower you to take care of your tub with confidence. 

 Monthly Water Maintenance Service

Bi-Weekly Service Every Six Months Annually
  • Chemicals included
  • Water Testing
  • Balancing of Chemicals 
  • Water Line Cleaning
  • Removal of Particles
  • 1 Filter Clean
  • 1 Ultrasonic Filter Clean/month
  • Cover Clean (Weather Permitting)
  • Drain and Refill
  • Shell Clean

Price will be adjusted for more/larger filters

Customers to provide 2 sets of filters Receive 20% off accessories, parts, and service Receive 20% off accessories, parts, and service


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