Here’s what our customers say about us:

“I’ve been chatting with a young lady that answered the phone on Saturday, in regards to a pump issue. Good customer service is VERY hard to come by anymore. This is why I am taking the time to send a note, which I am hoping gets passed on to the manager or owner. This lady is not only highly knowledgeable, she offers unbelievable customer service!! She is more then patient and understanding (she truly listens to what you are explaining). I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and her customer service.

I felt that I had to let you know that customers do appreciate such exceptional customer service and it’s still important to customers.

Due to the service she offered, if there’s anything that you carry and we end up requiring, your company will be the business we deal with. I will also be telling anyone that we know with a hot tub/spa that needs anything for their tubs, about the exceptional service we received.
Please let her know, it was a pleasure to deal with her today.
Have a great weekend!”

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