Caring for Your WeatherShield Hot Tub Cover

Caring for your Weathershield Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are essential for safety, energy efficiency, water conservation and cleanliness. Vinyl has long been the standard material for cover construction but there is a new contender on the block.  What is WeatherShield fabric? WeatherShield is a great alternative to the standard vinyl material used to make hot tub covers. It’s a solution-dyed
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What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Sauna

Traditionally, a sauna is a small room used as a hot air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body. Steam and heat are produced by pouring water on heated stones. But, this is not the only type of sauna available. What is an Infrared Sauna? An infrared sauna uses light to generate heat
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