Should I Empty My Hot Tub in Winter?

should i empty my hot tub in winter

Winter has arrived! Some people hibernate through this season, spending their time indoors in the cozy warmth. But many hot tub owners know that winter is a great time for using their spa. Breathing invigorating crisp air while submersed in relaxing hot waters is irresistible! However, some spa owners don’t enjoy and/or can’t spend time
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How Long Do Hot Tubs and Accessories Last?

how long do hot tubs last

It takes heaps of time and effort to choose the perfect hot tub and a large sum of money to purchase your spa and accessories. How long will they last? Is there any way you can extend the life of your spa? Following is information regarding how long a hot tub and accessories are likely
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How to Fill a Hot Tub

How to fill a hot tub

Properly filling your hot tub is an important part of the initial set-up of a new spa and a crucial part of continuing hot tub maintenance. How hard can it be? Just turn on the water, right? Though it seems like a simple task, there are actually some important elements that require attention and consideration
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How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use

Buying a hot tub is an exciting adventure! It’s fun to find and choose the perfect spa for your backyard. How many jets do you want? What kind of lounge seat do you prefer? What size and colour of hot tub do you favour? Are you interested in a foot massager, steps, or a handrail?
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Why is my Hot Tub Water Cloudy and How Do I Fix it?

Hot Tub Water Cloudy

Have you ever opened your hot tub to find your water cloudy, smelly, and uninviting? This is a common and unpleasant problem! Fortunately, cloudy water is an issue that’s easily remedied and it’s simple to prevent recurrence. The following is information regarding the causes of and how to fix cloudy hot tub water.  What causes
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