Monthly Archives: July 2015

Using your Hot Tub for Aromatherapy

Using your Hot Tub for Aromatherapy - RnR Hot Tubs - Hot Tubs and Spa Calgary

While your hot tub will always be a zone of relaxation, but many hot tub owners neglect those little, extra accessories that can take the space to the next level. Although your hot tub should certainly help you relax and unwind, it can also become a place of natural healing. Sometimes simply placing candles around …
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What to Look for in a Used Hot Tub

What to Look for in a Used Hot Tub - RnR Hot Tubs and Spa - Used Hot Tubs Calgary

If you want to buy a new hot tub, but you don’t think you can afford something brand new, there are fortunately many used options available. Buying a pre-owned hot tub, however, requires a bit more research and vetting than if you were to make a new purchase. Having a convenient hot tub at your …
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