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Buying a Hot Tub in a Pandemic

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October 15, 2020

Buying a hot tub during the pandemic has been a bit tricky. Many stores are running out of inventory and manufacturers are challenged to produce spas while experiencing supply chain issues and closures. There is hope! As manufacturers and retailers adjust to changing market conditions, many consumers are preparing ahead for next year. 


What to do to make sure you get a good spa during the pandemic:



  • Avoid Panic Purchasing. Many shoppers feel like they’re getting the last hot tub on the shelf and will buy anything. This mentality has led consumers down the path of buying something just because it’s available, but likely not the best investment. We see all different styles of hot tubs. Many are known to fail and result in costly repair bills. Maax Spas is the world’s first appliance grade spa and helps consumers avoid costly repairs.




  • Invest in the Best Technology. It’s important to do your research. Now more than ever, each dollar counts. You want to make sure you’re buying leading edge technology for energy efficiency, reliability and quality to ensure you are not left holding costly repair bills. We invest in Maax Spas for these qualities. 




  • Get a hot tub built to last. Many hot tubs are what we call single use or disposable spas. They’re expensive to purchase, but cost too much to repair and end up clogging up our landfills. Some hot tubs are built for a 3-5 year lifespan, others 10-12. The Spas from Maax Spas are made to last 20 years or more. 




  • Trust the Experts. When making a large purchase you want to get good advice. With over 30 years of experience, our technical team is here to help. We have worked on many different models of spas and can help you find the one that best meets your needs. Maax Spas has been building spas since 1969. 




  • Check out Our Reviews. We are known for our educational approach and work hard each day to support our customers with sales, service and supplies. Our reputation is long standing. We have been serving the Calgary community for over 22 years. We’ve seen many hot tub companies come and go in that time. Our business is well established and backed by a leading manufacturer with strong business backing. 




  • Get a Spa-Eduction before you purchase. Want to know more about hot tubs before you make a big purchase? Our team is known for our educational approach. We offer in house Spa School and can familiarize you with the different technologies available. 



  • Order Now. We have ordered our entire 2021 Inventory to ensure we can support our Calgary clients. To secure a hot tub for next year, we recommend putting your name on a spa now. We are seeing high traffic volume and want to support customers who share our values for quality, affordability and reliability. 


It’s possible to get a quality hot tub during the pandemic! Avoid panic purchasing, look for the best technology and invest in a spa that will last. This is the perfect time to let RNR hot tubs and spas know that you are looking to purchase a hot tub. 

If you would like some help making your hot tub purchase during the Pandemic, the Experts at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas are here to help. We are owned by Service Professionals and have over 30 years of experience. We’ll help make your hot tub purchase exceptional. Please call 403-203-0860 to set up an appointment.

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