What are the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub?

What are the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub? - RnR Hot Tubs - Featured Image

Ah! Soaking in a hot tub is relaxing, soothing and calming. These benefits are possible as a hot tub is a form of hydrotherapy, a complementary treatment that uses water’s thermal and mechanical effects to relieve discomfort and promote physical and mental well-being. The following are some of the ways that the waters of a
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Supply Chain Issues and Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Parts

In the last few years, the demand for spas has escalated. To meet the demand Chinese and European spas are being shipped to the Canadian market. After long wait times, those who finally receive their hot tub are ecstatic! But what happens when you need parts? What is the wait time for receiving hot tub
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Will my Steel Frame Hot Tub Rust?

Steel Frame Hot Tub

You’ve decided to purchase a hot tub. Your kids are looking forward to playing with friends and siblings. You anticipate having family time, relaxed muscles and better sleep. You’re looking forward to low-impact, private, exercise sessions in your own backyard! There are so many benefits to having a spa! But, what type of hot tub
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Energy Efficient Hot Tubs Make a Difference!

A backyard hot tub is a multipurpose purchase. Your spa can speed healing while relieving muscle and joint pain and/or soreness. It provides a location for injury-free workouts. Studies show that the use of a hot tub can lower blood pressure, promote a healthier heart, improve your lungs, enhance the quality of sleep and help
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Landscaping Ideas to Make your Hot Tub Pop!

Hot Tub Landscaping

You’ve purchased a hot tub and placed it in your backyard. You’re enjoying the chance to unwind and escape everyday stressors in soothing waters. You love the way a long soak relieves muscle soreness and improves your sleep. It’s time to add to your outdoor oasis, time to create the backyard of your dreams. The
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