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March 1, 2022

Is your hot tub exposed to the neighbours, the sidewalk or the street? Are you looking for a way to bring privacy to your outdoor oasis? There are many clever solutions for blocking revealing views, providing a more secluded and comfortable hot tub experience. Try some of these creative and practical tips. 


Plant trees: Trees are an attractive solution for an over-exposed hot tub. Create a deciduous screen by planting fast-growing trees such as Emerald Green Thuja, hybrid Poplar, Weeping Willow and Quaking Aspen. Growing from 2 to 5 feet a year, these trees will quickly provide the privacy you desire. 

Try greenery: Vines are the ultimate choice for privacy. Grow them up a lattice wall. Hedge walls are also effective. Consider a living wall; a self-sufficient vertical garden attached to the edge of your deck, sheltering your hot tub. Fill it with ferns, bromeliads, begonias, hostas, and succulents.  

Consider a Covana hot tub cover: Covana is a Canadian-made hot tub cover with no fear of ice and snow. Insert the key and let the cover automatically lift itself into a roof for your spa, in mere seconds. It offers some of the highest standards of insulation while providing privacy and comfort. Easy-to-use blinds can be pulled down and adjusted to create the perfect balance between lighting and privacy. Contact Us to inquire regarding purchase. 

Use a faux hedge: No time or patience to grow plants? Try an artificial, freestanding hedge. This decorative foliage looks authentic and provides immediate privacy. It’s available in many styles including cedar, boxwood and ivy. 

Hang curtains: Attach curtains of weather-resistant fabric to a freestanding curtain-and-rod set or hang fabric from a wire. Create a couple of options to fit your moods.

Investigate shutters: Upcycle old shutters making them into a folding partition for your hot tub. Connect them together with hinges.

Install moving panels: Panels are easy to install and a perfect privacy fix. Try wicker, fabric or plastic panels and change their position as needed.

Build a fence: A privacy fence is one of the most common ways to block the view of your hot tub. Plan carefully for a solid fence that does not leave you feeling barricaded.

Place shades: Retractable shades offer privacy when needed but allow a view when you choose. Attack them to the railing of your deck so that they screen your hot tub.

Try a trellis: Providing separation from others without impeding daylight or airflow, a trellis is a great way to provide breezy privacy. 

Construct a pergola, a permanent structure with an open roof system. It can be made in a variety of styles and will enhance the visual appeal of your hot tub while providing partial shade and privacy. A pergola can be attached to your home or freestanding, support climbing plants, or include a fabric cover for additional coverage. RnR hot tubs and spas are proud to partner with Sawback Craft Co. to bring you fine crafted timber pergolas. Handcrafted with wood chisels and pegs, this structure will stand the test of time and create a timeless centrepiece for your outdoor space. Surround yourself with the beauty of natural timbers to ground and focus the design of your backyard space and provide the privacy you desire. 

Attach an Awning: Offering protection from the sun, an awning also blocks the view from the neighbours’ second-story windows. 


If you’re avoiding your hot tub because you feel exposed, use your creativity and make your backyard a private outdoor space. Try a pergola or a Covana hot tub cover. Consider trees, a fence, shutters or panels. There are many ways to create the level of privacy you desire. 

Looking for privacy solutions for your hot tub? Contact Calgary-based RnR hot tubs and spas. We carry Covana hot tub systems, and partner with Sawback Craft Co. to provide pergolas. Call (403) 203-0860 or fill out the contact request.  We provide comprehensive service, expert knowledge, a wealth of field experience and the best products in the industry to help you maintain your hot tub/swim spa for years of enjoyment. RnR is Alberta’s premier hot tub/swim spa store specialising in the World’s First Steel Framed Spas from American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and MAAX Spas. 

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