How to Prepare for a Swim Spa Delivery

Preparing for Swim Spa Delivery

You purchased a swim spa! You’re looking forward to swimming, exercising and relaxing in warm and soothing water! How do you prepare for a swim spa delivery? What steps do you need to take before your swim spa can be put in place? The following are some tips to help you get ready for the
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Exercise at Home in a Swim Spa

Exercise at Home in a Swim Spa

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to find alternative ways of exercising as gyms are either closed, allow restricted numbers or feel unsafe. If you’re finding it difficult to discover alternative activities to satisfy your fitness needs, exercising at home in a swim spa may be the answer.  What is a swim spa? A
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Why Choose a Hot Tub Dealer with a Service Team?

Hot Tub Dealer with Service Team

Hot tub professionals recommend that you have your spa serviced annually to ensure it’s in optimum condition and to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. You’ll also need service if you experience any issues. Every hot tub needs service at some point. Should you use a spa tech service or is it best to purchase
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Why Choose a MAAX Spa?

Why Choose a MAAX Spa? - RnR Hot Tubs and Spa - Hot Tubs and Spas Calgary - Featured Image

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we’re spending more time at home and more time with our families. A hot tub is a great place for quality time with family members, splashing and playing or relaxing and soaking in the warmth of soothing water. Time spent in a hot tub also reduces the stress
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Try Exercising in the Hot Tub!

Try Exercising in the Hot Tub! - RnR Hot Tubs and Spa - Hot Tubs and Spas - Featured Image

Is your gym closed due to the coronavirus pandemic? Has it reopened with a policy of restricting the number of people who can work out at any given time? Do you feel unsafe going to the gym? Your hot tub may hold the answer to your workout blues! The warm environment of a spa increases
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