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Your Monthly Dose of RnR: June Edition

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas

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June 11, 2024

June is here and that means that school is starting to end and the feeling of summer is right around the corner. That means more backyard BBQs, more trips to the mountains, and more family time. 

May went by incredibly fast and we are so proud of our families that donated to our charity for the past three months, Stand ASA. With the help of the families that donated, we were able to donate $1500.

We know that this money means a lot to Stand ASA and we are so incredibly grateful to our community for coming together and helping us make this a reality. THANK YOU!!!


For most of us, we have started those backyard projects or renovations that we have been putting off until the weather gets nicer. The grass is getting greener thanks to all the rain that we have had and our flowers and gardens are starting to bloom. 

This time of year is beautiful and we are enjoying the sunshine as we get it. 

Before we talk about what we have going on for June, we wanted to talk about the water restrictions that we are currently under. 

As most of you know, we are under a Stage 4 Water Restriction and a Fire Ban. This means that for the deliveries that we currently have scheduled, if you are in Airdrie, Calgary, Chestermere, or Strathmore, we will not be able to get your hot tub started up. You can certainly reach out to a water truck to see if they can get your hot tub or swim spa filled. 

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas

We can still get your hot tub delivered. We just can’t start it up. The fine for filling your hot tub or swim spa with the City of Calgary is $3,000 and we don’t want you to risk that. We can come back and get your hot tub started up and ready for you to use. 

To find more information on the current water restrictions, please check the City of Calgary website now.  

Now, let’s dive into all of the great things that we have going on for this month. 


Service of the Month

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers know how to care for and maintain their hot tub or swim spa. We get a lot of questions about water care, especially in the springtime when everyone is doing drains and refills. 

For June, we are featuring our Monthly Water Maintenance Program. This is our concierge service where we come to your home biweekly to maintain your water. 

This is a great service if you just don’t understand how to care for your water or if you would like to enjoy the benefits of having a hot tub or swim spa but want it to be more maintenance-free. Now, you will still need to do certain things between our visits including chlorinating after you use it and shocking it weekly. This will ensure that your water stays balanced between our visits. 

If you want to read more about our Monthly Water Maintenance Program, read our latest blog, Hassle-Free Monthly Water Maintenance.

Product of the Month

Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner is a product that we recommend if you have sensitive skin or if someone who uses your hot tub does. 

This 473 ml bottle is good in your water for three months. Its enzyme-based formula reduces the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment. It helps to eliminate tub rash, conditions that water for sensitive skin, and moisturizes your skin naturally, as well as these benefits: 

  • No more odour
  • No more scum lines
  • No more chemical hassles

It is gentle on your skin, hair, and swimsuits. It helps to balance pH and alkalinity. To learn more about the benefits of this product, visit the Spa Marvel website. 

Hot Tub of the Month

Are you ready to dive into your own hot tub ownership experience? We want to share with you the Vita Intrigue in the 300 series lineup

Our 300 series hot tubs are an ideal choice to turn your backyard into a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis.

This hot tub features seating for between 4-5 people, is rectangular, has a lounger, and comes with 33 jets for you to enjoy. Here are more of the options available for this hot tub:

  • 6 interior colour options available
  • 3 exterior colour options available
  • 33 jets
  • Vital Energy System insulation system
  • Petrissage Massage seat
  • Calf massage
  • Contoured pillows

Please reach out to one of our experts today to have a look at the Intrigue and any other hot tub or swim spa that you are interested in. We would love to help you find the perfect match for you and your family. 

You can visit us at Bay 8 –  5700 Barlow Trail SE in Calgary.

Servicing all makes and models including Vita Spa, American Whirlpool, and Maax Spas.

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