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Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

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March 1, 2023

You found the perfect hot tub, purchased it and had it delivered and set up. You’re excited about relaxing in soothing hot water, releasing the worries of your day. But, maintaining a hot tub can feel overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, so much to do! The following are some tips to help new hot tub owners feel comfortable and in control, and advice to help newbies get started off right. 

  • Pay attention to the Owner’s Manual: No one likes to do it, but reading the owner’s/operator’s manual is a necessary first step. Learn the basics of how your filtering and heating modes work. Discover how to use the topside buttons and knobs that control your spa’s functions. Acquire knowledge of how to turn your jets up, down, off and on. Determine the best way to fill and drain your tub. 

  • Regularly test and maintain your water: Unbalanced water causes issues; foam, scale buildup, green water, and corrosion. To ensure your water is safe, test every 2 to 3 days using a home test kit. Based on your results, add small amounts of balancing and/or sanitizing chemicals. If you’re unsure of how much or what to add, talk to your hot tub retailer and/or take a spa maintenance course. Still don’t feel comfortable, consider a spa maintenance plan.  
  • Add chemicals correctly: When adding chemicals to your hot tub, turn the jets on to ensure they are dissolved and spread evenly through the water. Add each chemical at least 15 minutes apart, giving each substance the opportunity to fully incorporate into the water before the next chemical is added. This prevents interactions that reduce effectiveness and affect the balance of the water.  
  • Take water samples while the jets are running: The water in your hot tub develops areas with slightly different balances than other areas. Taking a test from the surface may yield different results from a sample taken from the bottom of the spa. For accurate results, it’s a good idea to use the jets to mix the water before taking your sample. 
  • Leave the cover open after shocking: Shocking your spa (adding a higher-than-usual dose of oxidizer chemicals to the water) helps your sanitizer work more effectively by releasing gasses that bond to it. Closing the cover reduces the effectiveness of the shock treatment and may damage your cover. 
  • Regularly clean and replace your filters: Keeping your filter in good condition is a vital part of keeping your hot tub in good condition. Every two weeks, rinse your filter under the garden hose or in the sink to remove large particles. Every month, carefully clean it with a filter cleanser, like Aqua Filter Free, to dissolve oils and mineral buildup. Every three months, get your filter professionally cleaned to ensure it stays in excellent condition.
  • Keep the cover closed and locked when the tub is not in use. This increases the energy efficiency of the hot tub, reduces debris and keeps the UV rays of the sun from breaking down the sanitizer in the water. 
  • Leave all jets and waterfalls open when the tub is not in use to ensure good circulation and reduce bacterial growth and cloudy water.
  • Maintain proper water level: Make sure the water covers ½ to ⅔ of the skimmer hole. Higher, debris won’t be skimmed effectively. Lower, the pumps won’t get enough water flow. Once a week, check the water level in your spa and adjust it if necessary. 
  • Wash swimsuits properly: Bathing suits harbour laundry detergents which affect your water balance and cause foam. Use an extra rinse cycle when washing your family’s swimwear.  

Follow these tips and enjoy your spa for years! Create routines and stick with them. Use quality chemicals. Once you master the basics, hot tub maintenance need not be difficult. 

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