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Hot Tub Error Codes Explained!

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February 15, 2023

Owning a hot tub is a luxurious experience; soaking in soothing waters and receiving a relaxing massage any time you wish! It’s a blissful place to be on chilly fall days, cold winter nights and early spring mornings. However, owners of a spa must put in a bit of time and effort to keep the water clean and refreshing. They must also keep the tub in good working condition. No matter how well you maintain your spa, there comes a time when some component functions less than optimally and/or breaks down. Most hot tubs display an error code letting you know the cause of the problem. This is a fantastic tool but only if you know what the codes mean. The following are the most common hot tub error codes and what they tell you about your spa.  

  • Flow error codes (FLO, Flo, FL1, LF, DR, DRY, HFL, LF) are the most common error codes encountered. They occur when the hot tub has a lack of water flow through the heating element. This may be due to an unclean filter (restricts the water flow through the filtration system), low water levels (not enough water flowing through the filter), faulty or improperly installed sensors and/or a faulty spa pack (an integrated unit containing the pump, heater blower and controls). Try adding water to the spa, cleaning the filter and opening all jets. If the problem persists, contact your hot tub supplier. 
  • Low water error codes (dr, dy, dY, dry, H20) are generally caused by a lack of water in the hot tub pump. They also occur if there is air trapped in the pump after refilling the hot tub and can be caused by a closed slice valve or blocked suction return/skimmer/filter. To rectify, add water, remove any blockages and open all jets and valves. 
  • High-limit error codes (HiLi, HL, HOT, OH, OHH, OHS, SP-OT, Sn1, SN) are triggered when water in the tub gets too hot (over 110 degrees Fahrenheit/43 degrees Celsius). Use a thermometer to check the temperature of your spa. If the temperature is normal, you have a faulty sensor. If the temperature is too high, make sure the slice valves are open and reprogram the spa. Open all jets. If the problem persists, contact your dealer as you likely have a problem with your heater and/or spa pack. Do not use the hot tub when the temperature is elevated. 
  • Cold water error codes (COL, CoLd, COLD, Cool, FP, Fr, FrE, LO) appear when the water in the spa is too cold. This is generally caused by a faulty heater or a faulty temperature sensor. Use a thermometer to check the water temperature. If it is 10 degrees or colder than the set temperature, you likely have a heater problem. If the temperature is normal, you probably have a faulty temperature sensor or spa pack. Contact your dealer for assistance.
  • Frozen water error codes (ICE, I CE2) indicate that the water is in danger of freezing and that the spa’s freeze protection feature has been activated. Contact a professional immediately to diagnose and repair your hot tub. While waiting for the service representative, place a small space heater in the spa’s cabinet to ensure that the water in the pipes does not freeze. 
  • Panel error codes: (PnL, OP, EO, SA, SnA, SH, SnH, SEoP, SN1, SN2, SN3) indicate a broken electronic component, anything from a broken sensor to a blown fuse to a malfunctioning spa pack. Consult a professional to help you diagnose and correct the problem. 
  • Circulation pump error codes (CP) indicate a problem with the circulation pump and require assistance from your dealer. 

If your hot tub is showing an error code, investigate immediately. If you’re not able to correct the problem, contact a service representative at your hot tub dealer. They can help you determine the problem and assist you with repairs. Ignoring a code can lead to more serious and costly difficulties.

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