Add Fun Fragrances to Your Spa with Spazazz!

Add Fun Fragrances to Your Spa with Spazazz!

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May 1, 2022

If you have a hot tub in your backyard or on your deck, you know the joy and serenity of soaking in warm water after a long day or a rigorous workout. You’ve experienced the ability of your tub to relax muscles, improve sleep, relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and improve health. Would you like to improve your hot tub experience even more? Consider the use of aromatherapy in your spa. Consider Spazazz products!

Why try aromatherapy in my hot tub?

Ancient cultures (China, India, Egypt) incorporated aromatic plant components in resins, balms, and oils. These natural substances were used for medical and religious purposes. They were known to have both physical and psychological benefits. Modern studies show that aromatherapy can relieve anxiety and depression, improve quality of life and help chronic health conditions. Aromatherapy is said to manage pain, improve sleep quality, soothe sore joints, treat headaches and migraines, improve digestion and boost immunity. Why wouldn’t you try aromatherapy in your hot tub? 

What are Spazazz products?

Spazazz products are a unique blend of high-quality, long-lasting aromatherapy fragrances meant to bring the luxury of a spa experience into your hot tub. They’re formulated for both emotional and therapeutic support as well as relaxation and well-being. Spazazz products have been tested and are safe for all hot tubs and jetted baths. Their blends of sensual aromas and moisturizing botanicals are designed so they’ll not affect a hot tub’s pH balance or leave any oily residue behind. Therapeutic benefits include a natural remedy for aches and pains, an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxant for tension and stress, a skin moisturizer and more!

Will Spazazz aromatherapy spa crystals damage my hot tub?

Spazazz products are formulated specifically for the hot tub. The Spazazz company, as well as many hot tub dealers and manufacturers, have tested the products countless times. Spazazz products are formulated to filter through your hot tub system, leaving no scum residue or altered water chemistry.

How does Spazazz add fragrance to their product? The Spazazz company uses only 100% essential oil, highest grade aromatherapy scents. 

How much Spazazz product should I add/use in my hot tub?  Spazazz recommends you start with 4 oz (two capfuls) but you can always add more depending on your desired aroma. There is no harm in adding more.

How long does the fragrance last when used? Spazazz fragrances last about 30-50 minutes. 

What is the shelf life of Spazazz products? Spazazz products last approximately 48 months once opened. This is based on the product being stored in a cool/dry area and out of direct sunlight.

How do I add the Spazazz crystals to my hot tub? Pour the products directly into the water. 

What fragrances should I try?

While you can’t go wrong with any Spazazz product, there are some classic choices you might want to start with. 

    • Spazazz RX Therapy Respiratory: If you’re feeling congested or having breathing problems, submerge yourself and relax in this essential oil blend. Breathe deeply and clear your body in this purifying upper respiratory compound. 
    • Spazazz Escape Pomegranate will soothe a tired body, arouse your emotions and moisturize your skin. Pomegranate is one of the most fragrant Spazazz blends. 
    • Spazazz RX Therapy Stress Therapy will relax and clear your mind and body as you soak. This natural stress-relieving blend will soak away your stress.
    • Spazazz RX Therapy Skinny Soak is a cellulite dissolving blend of relaxing aromatherapy. Tighten and firm your body as you soak. You can’t go wrong with the rich minerals and vitamins found in this product. 
    • Spazazz Escape White Musk: Soothe your skin with the sensual and warm white musk blended with the aphrodisiac Jasmine and the calming properties of vanilla. It’ll make for the perfect evening in the hot tub.
    • Spazazz RX Therapy Detox Therapy helps eliminate built-up toxins with a special blend of aromatherapy. Designed to purify your system, this blend soothes aches and pains while rejuvenating your skin.
    • Spazazz Escape Green Tea Peony has a deep rich aroma of green tea blended with the flowery inviting scent of peony, the perfect combination for escape and enjoyment.
    • Spazazz RX Therapy Muscle: If you have aches and pains after a long day at work or a vigorous workout, this is the perfect blend of aromatherapy for you. Get lasting relief from your aching muscles as you relax and enjoy!

Treat yourself to the all-natural blend of herbs, minerals and botanicals found in Spazazz products. They’ll help alleviate stress and tension while leaving your skin feeling soft. Spazazz aromatherapy crystals are an affordable indulgence that will enhance your hot tub experience. Make Spazazz aromatherapy your daily ritual to pamper your mind, body, and soul! Try these specially formulated crystals today. 

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