Hot tub spring maintenance

Spring Hot Tub Maintenance: What You Need To Know

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Samantha Laycock

April 25, 2024

Spring is a wonderful time of year when the weather warms up and people start spending more time outdoors. For hot tub owners, spring also marks the beginning of the season for regular maintenance to ensure their hot tub is clean, safe, and ready for use. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about hot tub spring maintenance to keep your relaxation oasis in top condition.


As the temperatures rise and nature comes back to life after winter, it’s essential to give your hot tub some extra care and attention. Spring maintenance is crucial for several reasons. It isn’t just about cleaning and tidying up; it’s about preparing your hot tub for optimal performance, safety, and enjoyment throughout the spring and summer months.

You are probably wondering if you can do the spring maintenance on your hot tub or swim spa yourself. Well, while some maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners, such as cleaning filters and draining and refilling your hot tub, it’s advisable to hire a professional for more complex tasks, such as repairing leaks, replacing parts, and 50-point inspections.

Before we dive into what you should be doing now that spring is here, let’s cover what you should be checking throughout the year.

  • Water level. You want to make sure that your water is at the correct level to ensure that your hot tub or swim spa is running properly.
  • Cleaning your filters. You should be cleaning your filters once a month. For our Water Maintenance clients, their filters are being changed and cleaned with Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning every two weeks. 
  • Checking your water chemical balance. This is something that should be happening often. Check it at least weekly to ensure proper water balance.


We have been serving hot tubs in the Calgary area for over 30 years and we have become experts in how to care for your hot tub and swim spa. With that being said, here are the maintenance items that we recommend you do now that the weather is getting warmer. 


Our 50-point inspection is a comprehensive inspection of your hot tub or swim spa. Our technician will come out and look at the components and water of your hot tub. They will make recommendations based on the inspection. You will receive a 4-page report of everything that the RnR hot tub technician found. 

If there is anything that comes up in the inspection, you can then decide to move forward with a repair. We can build you out an estimate for the work that needs to be done. 

We recommend having a 50-point inspection done every two to three years. 


We typically recommend draining and refilling your hot tub twice a year. With a swim spa, it is a bit different because of the amount of water in it and you can typically drain and refill it once a year. 

Your water can become saturated and once your TDS is high, you need to change your water. When it comes to our water maintenance clients, we recommend draining and refilling in the spring and in the fall. 

However, before you drain and refill your hot tub, you are going to want to put in a purge product that will help to clean out your plumbing before you refill. There are several different products that we offer including:

We recommend bringing your water in for a FREE water test. With this water test, we can give you suggestions on how to maintain proper water balance and we can even let you know what your current TDS is. 

We offer all of these products in our learning center or you can purchase them through our online store. 


This service goes perfectly with the drain and refill services that we offer. You are already draining and refilling your hot tub or swim spa so you may as well get the interior nice and clean before you fill it back up. 

Hot tub spring maintenance

The pricing for all of these services will depend on whether you have a swim spa or a hot tub but please reach out to the office for pricing details.


With the weather getting warmer, now is the perfect time to also get your pumps rebuilt in your hot tub. Over time, the components of a hot tub pump can wear out or become clogged with debris, leading to decreased performance. By rebuilding the pump, you can restore it to optimal functioning, ensuring better water circulation and filtration.

Do you have a Covana automated cover? Did you know that you should be doing annual maintenance on it? 

As experts in Covana products, we strongly advise you to schedule your maintenance service for your Covana cover unit annually. Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy your Covana for many years to come, and with the right care and maintenance, it will keep running smoothly.

Our annual maintenance package will target essential components such as the moto posts, jack assemblies, chain mechanics, and sleeves.

Please call the office at 403-203-0860 to get booked in.


Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your hot tub or swim spa and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for years to come. By staying on top of maintenance tasks, you can prevent costly repairs and keep your hot tub in peak condition.

Avoiding common maintenance mistakes can help you get the most out of your hot tub and avoid potential problems. Some common mistakes to avoid include neglecting water chemistry, using abrasive cleaners, and ignoring signs of damage or wear.

In conclusion, hot tub spring maintenance is essential for keeping your hot tub clean, safe, and in optimal condition. By following these tips and guidelines, you can ensure that your hot tub is ready for relaxation and enjoyment throughout the spring and beyond.

Please reach out to our office with any questions or to get booked in for your spring maintenance, 403-203-0860.  Servicing all makes and models including: Vita Spa, American Whirlpool, and Maax Spas.

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