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How Long Do Hot Tubs and Accessories Last?

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October 16, 2023

It takes heaps of time and effort to choose the perfect hot tub and a large sum of money to purchase your spa and accessories. How long will they last? Is there any way you can extend the life of your spa? Following is information regarding how long a hot tub and accessories are likely to endure and tips on how to increase their lifespan.

How long do hot tubs last?

How long a hot tub lasts depends upon the type of spa you purchase, how well you maintain your tub, and the quality of the chemicals you use.

  • Type of spa: The quality of construction and the standard of the components used in a hot tub determine how long it will last. Spas stocked and sold by international sellers and big box stores typically last only three to five years. Traditionally built hot tubs may last eight to twelve years. Maax Spas, American Whirlpool, and Vita Spas are made to last 25 years! This longevity is achieved through high-quality materials (steel frame, an ABS-sealed base, Thermo lock lining, BLUEMAAX™ insulation, 3M Thinsulate™, superior quality jets, appliance grade construction). American Whirlpool, Maax Spas, and Vita Spas build some of the best spas in the industry. 
  • Maintenance: No matter the original quality of the hot tub you purchase, regular maintenance extends the lifetime of a spa. Check with your dealer to see if they have a monthly maintenance plan, offer ultrasonic filter cleaning, and/or provide hot tub inspection checks. Regular use of these services will extend your hot tub’s life.
  • Chemical Quality: Low-quality chemicals may cause your spa’s pH levels to become unbalanced. This can lead to corrosion/damage to your spa. Buying high-quality chemicals from your dealer will extend the longevity of your hot tub. 

How long do hot tub pumps last?

A specialized pump circulates the water in your spa, providing filtration. This is not the same pump that operates the jets. How long this pump will last is difficult to predict as this component is affected by the balance of the water in the spa. Consistently high sanitizer levels and/or acidic water will reduce the lifespan of your pump. To ensure you maintain balanced water chemistry, talk to your dealer. Some dealers offer training/spa school to assist you in learning how to properly care for your hot tub water. To extend the life of your pump, it’s important to keep your spa free of debris and your water level high. 

How long does a hot tub heater last?

Hot tub heaters are sensitive to issues with water balance. Low pH causes a heater to rust and break down. High pH and/or hard water reduce the effectiveness and the life of a heater by causing a build-up of scale. If your water is balanced and well-maintained, your heater should last seven to ten years. 

How long do hot tub covers last?

Traditionally built hot tub covers are made from vinyl, canvas, and/or polyester with a foam core and last approximately three to six years. Applying a UV protectant and regular cleaning with a specialized cover care product can extend this time frame as can inspecting your cover regularly and immediately repairing damages found. If you want your spa cover to last a lifetime, consider buying a Covana. This cover has an aluminum construction and a rigid roof that is non-permeable and highly durable. Boasting twice the insulating factor (R-21) of a regular hot tub cover, a water-tight seal, and a snow load capacity of 600 pounds, the automated Covana system is operated with the turn of a key. Covana is compatible with all types/brands of hot tubs. 

How long do hot tub filters last?

Though most hot tub filters last only one year, some high-quality versions may last up to three years. Proper care can extend the life expectancy of your filter. Rinse your filter every two weeks, to remove large particles. Once a month, use a filter cleanser (Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner) to reduce mineral build-up and dissolve oils. Have your filter professionally cleaned (ultrasonic filter cleaning) every three months, to remove contaminants and dirt and increase longevity and performance. 

Before purchasing a hot tub for your backyard, do your research. The quality of the spa purchased will affect its lifespan and therefore the length of time you can enjoy its soothing, relaxing, healing waters. Once you’ve purchased a spa, take the time to care for it properly, extending its life. 

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