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How To Take Advantage of Your Hot Tub in the Heat of Summer

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July 1, 2022

A hot tub is a blissful place to be on chilly fall days, cold winter nights and early spring mornings. But how do you use your hot tub in the heat of summer? How can you relax in your spa when the temperature and humidity rise? To get the most out of your spa in the summer months, you need to know the optimal times and best ways to use it. The following are some tips for maximizing your hot tub use in summer.

  • Take advantage of cooler times of day: Promote a great sleep by soaking in your spa at twilight. Unwind, soothe your muscles and do some star gazing. Try an early morning soak before the sun gets hot! Get your circulation going and invigorate yourself in preparation for your day. Or try taking a dip during or after a summer rain. The sensation is delightful! Breathe in the earthy scent and enjoy the tranquility.
  • Create shade: Shelter from direct sunlight can make your time in the spa during the summer less intense and more enjoyable. Try a patio umbrella, fencing, a Covana hot tub cover, a pergola, trellis, gazebo or an awning. Consider situating your hot tub in the shade. 
  • Make your soak cooler: Most people keep their hot tub at temperatures between  99°F to 102°F. In the heat of the summer, lower your temperature by 5 or more degrees. Your soak turns into an invigorating dip that cools you down when the sun is high. 
  • Exercise: Finding it too hot to exercise? Try low-impact exercise and stretching in your hot tub. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  • Entertain family and friends: Hosting an outdoor movie night? Having a barbeque? Enjoying lawn games with friends and/or family? Spending a day at the beach? End the day with a social soak in the hot tub. Relax, catch up and create memories with those you love.
  • Enjoy some healing: Summer means more time outdoors and often more physical activity (gardening, bike riding, hiking, golf, etc.). This can put a strain on your body resulting in aches and pains. Don’t let this slow you down! Spend some time in your hot tub. It’ll help you relax, unwind, relieve tension and soothe sore muscles. 
  • Banish summer allergies: Your hot tub produces steam which is an effective natural treatment for a variety of ailments, including allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion and nasal itching. The hot tub environment is a convenient way to clear your summer allergies quickly.

The summer heat has arrived! Don’t shut down your spa. Warm weather need not curtail your hot tub enjoyment. Your spa can provide relaxation, refreshment, entertainment and healing, even in the heat. Relax your muscles after summer activities. Soothe your body to a good night’s sleep. Exercise in the cool of the morning and entertain family and friends in the evening. Banish summer allergies. Change the temperature and enjoy cool, refreshing waters. All in your hot tub! 

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