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Introducing The Grand by Vita Spas

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September 1, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way Calgarians can access their community. Calgarians are wary of the idea of scheduling massages or chiropractor sessions, and families are desperate for a safe, stress-free activity that everyone can participate in. It’s no surprise then that the demand for hot tubs has skyrocketed during this uncertain time. As Calgarians search for a solution to the challenges COVID-19 has brought, many are finding an answer in our favourite family spas: the Grand by Vita Spas.


Able to comfortably seat 6-7 adults, the Grand is a welcoming spa meant to accommodate families or friends. It includes all the thoughtful details you’d expect from Vita Spas like:

  •  A rot-proof steel frame
  • Premium insulation that’s built for life in Canada
  • A solid bottom pan to prevent rot, insect, or rodent infiltration
  • A powerful pump to give a strong jet stream exactly where you want it
  • The clear MAAX filtration system for clean water every time.


In order to ensure the Grand is able to exceed your expectations, we also offer a range of options that allow your spa to perfectly suit your needs.


Cleanzone Ultra AOP UV/Ozone System combines the powers of Cleanzone I and Cleanzone II for a whole new level of clean. Around the world, ozone is used to sterilize medical equipment before surgeries while UV has been perfected for purifying drinking water. Together these technologies guarantee water that is clean and safe with fewer chemicals. In fact, you can expect that chlorine levels in your hot tub will be able to stay near or beneath the threshold for drinking water.


The Bluetooth MP3 music system is perfect for family hot tub nights. Everyone can take turns sharing their favourite songs from their own device while you unwind together in the comfort of your hot tub. A daily ritual of time together listening to music can be extremely important during a time when everything feels confusing to your kids.


Control My Spa WIFI is a super convenient way of managing every aspect of your spa. From controlling the temperature and lights to scheduling and error notifications, this app becomes your one-stop-shop for everything hot tub related. Wirelessly connect your hot tub to your home wifi with a couple, hassle-free clicks.


We simply don’t have time in a single article to articulate everything we love about this spa, which is why we invite Calgarians to schedule a wet test. Getting into a spa is the only way to truly understand whether it’s the right fit for you, and our experts will be right by your side (well, 2 metres from your side) to explain and demonstrate the key features we know you’ll love. Have any questions or want to book your wet test? That’s what we’re here for! Give us a call today.

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