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Why Isn’t My Hot Tub Heating?

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April 15, 2016

After a long day of work, slipping into your hot tub can be the most relaxing thing. But what happens when you hop into the water and realize…that it’s more like a cold tub? That’s not exactly what you signed on for. Why isn’t your hot tub heating properly? Here are a few common reasons and some DIY troubleshooting you can try. Of course, if you’re still uncertain or these don’t work, call our helpful service technicians. Remember that hot tubs are electrical, and water and electricity don’t mix ­ be sure to be safe with any at home repairs you attempt!

Step One: Are your jets open?

The jets need to be open so that water can reach the heating element, be warmed, and circulated back into your tub.

Step Two: Check the mode

If your hot tub is not in “standard” or “ready” mode, switch it to one of these. In these modes, you can adjust the temperature to your desired levels.

Step Three: Check water level

This is similar to having the jets open. If your water level is too low, the water can’t flow through the pumps to the heating element. Make sure your hot tub is filled to the manufacturer’s suggested level.

Step Four: Check your filters

If your filters are dirty, the water flow through the heater tubes is reduced, meaning that that all ­important flow of water over the heating element is insufficient.

Step Five: Check your pumps

Are your pumps on? You need the pumps to be going to have sufficient water flow for heating. They should turn on if more heat is required, but make sure you check what is running. Again: this is about water flow! How do you know if your pumps are working? There are three ways: first, you can hear them. Second, if the jets are off, you can still see the water moving. Third, if they are not working, there may be an error message on your control panel.

Step Six: Have an older model?

Check pressure switch on older model hot tubs, you should check if your pressure switch is on. This switch verifies water flow and pressure.

Start with steps one through four and adjust anything that needs it. Then recheck the heat, before moving on to step five (checking the pumps). Still not working? Give us a call! Our expert staff at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas is here to help.

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