Look for Longevity When Buying a Spa

Look for Longevity When Buying a Spa

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June 5, 2023

Buying a hot tub is an exciting adventure! You want the perfect spa for your backyard so you consider the number of jets, the comfort of the lounge seats and the effectiveness of the foot massager. You think about size and colour. You check whether the spa comes with a built-in stereo system, has wifi and/or comes with steps and a handrail. You dream about water toys, games and whether you can use spa aromatherapy products. Most folks fail to consider the construction of the tub and how long it will last. Typically, spas sold by big box stores and international sellers will last 3 to 5 years. Those built with traditional building methods may last 8 to 12 years. American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas are constructed to last 25 years! If you’re looking for longevity, you can’t go wrong with a hot tub from these companies. So, why do these spas last so long? What sets them apart? American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas have:

  • High-quality materials: Careful attention is paid to details and there is dedication to creating the best possible product. Their spas have steel frame construction, a moulded pan on the bottom, a northern exposure insulation system (with a unique 3-layer thermal structure), a convection barrier and a lifetime guarantee against cracking/shifting/mould. American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas deliver:
    • Strength: Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material available. It’s 40% lighter and 250% stronger than wood. Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX spas are fabricated from industrial-grade steel. Their frames are designed to withstand the harshest environments.
    • Resistance: Wood and water don’t mix! Water damage can cause a wooden frame to warp and rot and wood is susceptible to animal infestation and insect damage. Steel is dimensionally stable. It won’t expand or contract with moisture and will never rot, warp, split or crack. Steel frames are zinc-coated, highly rust-resistant and impervious to animal and insect damage. 
    • An ABS-sealed base is a key element in the support structure of Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX hot tubs. Its one-piece construction is a rugged foundation that locks in heat and seals out moisture. 
    • Thermo lock: Built like a thermal pane window, American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas trap air for heat insulation. The sides and floor of the spa are lined with reflective material to create an infrared thermal barrier for fast, efficient heat and reduction of energy use. Radiant heat energy from the pumps and equipment reflects back to the hot tub and is absorbed by the plumbing, maintaining water temperature and improving heat efficiency. 
    • BLUEMAAX™: American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas feature eco-friendly BlueMAAX® insulation. Made from recycled natural fibre, this insulation contains no chemical irritants and is treated to prevent mould and mildew growth as well as pest infestation. It’s also fire retardant and highly energy efficient. 
    • 3M Thinsulate™: In addition, the entire spa exterior (just inside the cabinetry) is wrapped in industry-leading 3M Thinsulate, the same incredible material you’ll find in quality winter wear like jackets and gloves.
    • Superior jets: The doctor-designed zone therapy seats have been specifically arranged to place the right-sized jets with just the right amount of pressure exactly where you need it most for a soothing massage.
  • Ease of repairs: The high R-value and Appliance Grade™ construction of American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas allows a technician to service the entire hot tub and bring it back to factory specifications at your location. There is no need to transport your spa to the dealer for servicing. 
  • A great warranty: The insulation system in every American Whirlpool, Vita Spa and Maax Spa is guaranteed to maintain the same insulation value it had at the time it was manufactured, for the life of your ownership. These spas come with a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. This means you can feel secure knowing any component of the structural frame will be replaced or fixed to factory specifications should it become damaged in the operation of the hot tub. Steel-framed hot tubs give you 15 more years of enjoyment than wood!

With 49 years of experience, American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas are known as a company that builds some of the best hot tubs in the industry. They stand behind their products and their customers. They deliver innovative features and designs in all their brands, building with quality materials and supporting operational excellence at all levels of their business. Their development teams have pioneered a number of innovations that lead the industry in build quality, performance, comfort and energy efficiency. Their commitment to quality and innovation keeps them at the top of the industry, with untold thousands of happy and relaxed customers. American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas relentlessly pursue programs that make it easy to own a long-lasting, luxury home spa.

Interested in spending time with your family in a backyard hot tub? Want to check out the quality and innovation of an American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and/or Maax Spa? Call Alberta’s premier hot tub store, RnR Hot Tubs at (403) 203-0860 or fill out the request form. We’re a leader in spa technology and education. We’re a trusted provider in Alberta, ensuring quality, longevity and affordability to all of our customers. 

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