The Maax 581 Fontaine Hot Tub – Great for the Entire Family!

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February 1, 2015

As a growing family it can be difficult to agree on recreational activities that everyone can enjoy. As your kids get older, there are more influences jockeying for how you, as a family, spend your recreational time and money.

One thing that everyone can agree on, however, is the relaxation and enjoyment that will come with a new hot tub. Your kids will enjoy relaxing after skiing or having their friends over to socialize early in the evening. After the kids go to bed, instead of watching TV, you’ll be able to spend more quality time as a couple relaxing in your hot tub.

At RnR Hot Tubs, we firmly believe that hot tubs are the perfect way to bring fun to your whole family at home. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new hot tub and having it installed in your home, you should consider the amazing features of The MAAX 581 Fontaine hot tub.

The MAAX 581 Fontaine

The MAAX 581 Fontaine is part of the Premium Urban Series, which has been specifically designed for those interested in a superior design and the utmost in relaxation. MAAX’s stylish designs and unparalleled approach to hydrotherapy are two of the major reasons why they are on the cutting edge of an entirely new class of spa.

The industry’s leading Zone Therapy jets beautifully complement the exquisite design synonymous with the Urban Series. With more than 50 jets in each MAAX 581 Fontaine tub, our spas are designed to relieve pain-trigger points in the neck, back, and thighs. The interior of each Urban Series spa contains seating for five in addition to a zero gravity lounge and two deep bucket seats for ultimate comfort.

If you’re concerned about how your new hot tub will fit in with the existing décor of your backyard or garden, there’s no need to worry any longer! All of the hot tubs in the Urban Series are full customizable to fit with any style of garden décor. The unique style and design of the MAAX Spas also allow for the seamless incorporation of many natural elements, such as river rocks, glass stones, artificial greenery, and even fire elements. All can be easily installed along the illuminated edge of your spa.

Seamless Integration

At MAAX Spas and RnR Hot Tubs, we realize the importance of urban backyard design. Over the course of the last decade, we’ve come to understand that you can’t simply drop a standard hot tub into a previously designed backyard and expect it to fit in seamlessly.

According to Emil Nygard, VP of Sales and Marketing for MAAX Spas, “We started the development of the Urban Series with the question: What would a spa that matches the most modern urban backyards look like? It calls for straight, clean lines, minimalistic design and the flexibility for homeowners to integrate the spa with his or her modern space.”

If you’re looking for a hot tub that will be great for the whole family, you should certainly start by coming into the RnR Hot Tubs showroom to “test drive” one of our modern MAAX Spas. In all honesty, there really aren’t too many other places where you can go to test a hot tub before you make your final decision!

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