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Top 5 Hot Tub Exercises

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September 1, 2022

Your hot tub may hold the answer to your workout blues! The warm environment of a spa increases blood flow, helps release toxins, improves range of motion and increases your muscles’ ability to stretch and relax. It’s a perfect support for your health and fitness goals. The following are the top 5 hot tub exercises to try this summer.

  1. Flutter Kicks (abdominals): Sit comfortably in one of the seats. Extend your legs outwards. Tighten your core. Kick your feet up and down for approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Do three sets. 
  2. Reverse crunches (abdominals): Sit comfortably in one of the seats. Extend your legs outwards and tighten your core. Bring your legs inwards, knees pulled close to your chest. Stretch legs back out. Do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. The slower you perform this exercise, the more it will work your abdominals.
  3. Squats (core and legs): Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt your hips back and extend your arms for balance. Sit back slowly, pausing halfway down with your thighs parallel to the ground. Contract your abdominals and press your hips forward to return to standing. Do three sets of 15 squats. For more resistance, stand on one leg for your squats and use a nearby seat as support. 
  4. Mermaid swim: (arms and chest) Submerge your arms, then extend them out to the sides with thumbs pointing toward the sky and hands flat. Bring your arms in, touch your palms together, pushing against the water resistance. Then, extend back out. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Do three sets of 30 repetitions. 
  5. Triceps Dips (arms and chest): Sit comfortably with your hands gripping the edge of a seat. Walk your legs outward until your body is extended to the center of the spa. Continue to grip the seat. Slowly lower your upper body until your arms are at a 90° angle. Hold for a few seconds, then lift your upper body back up. Do as many as you can without strain. Aim for three sets. 

Extra Tips:

  • Once you’ve completed your workout, cool down with light stretching. Try a few yoga poses! 
  • Then, take a seat and let the powerful spa jets relieve muscle tension or sore joints. 

Exercising in your hot tub can be your route to better health! It promotes heart health, weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility and aids in injury prevention and/or rehabilitation. Start slow. The stronger you get, the more repetitions you can do. Building hot tub exercises into your routine is a comfortable and relaxing way to tone your body and keep you looking and feeling great.

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