What is zone therapy?

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April 11, 2015

Did you know that over 80% of adults across Europe and North America will suffer from some sort of muscle tension related back pain in their lifetime? Factor in the aging baby-boomer segment and doctors estimate that almost every adult will suffer some sort of body pain attributed to muscle fatigue, repetitive motion injuries, tissue fatigue or constant muscle stress due to work habits, faulty posture or simply by the amount of walking we do in our hectic daily lifestyles.

Many forms of treatment exist including chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture, and spinal decompression. But what can you do from home to naturally alleviate the daily discomfort of pain, while also relaxing the other working muscles in your body?

backzoneFor over 10 years, MAAX Spas have been working with Dr. Salanki, a renowned expert in the field of acupuncture education and chiropractic technique innovation to create the first medically designed spa which can be used for daily home treatment of pain and discomfort.

Pain is caused by overloaded pain receptors called nociceptors. Events like trauma, muscle fatigue, and poor posture can trigger these nociceptors on our nerve endings, telling our brain to ‘feel’ pain .

When areas of our body become overloaded with pain, whether through mechanical, thermal or chemical triggers, they begin to feel tight and sore and our bodies actually refer our ‘pain’ to surrounding areas called ‘trigger points’.

A trigger point exists when over stimulated muscle fibers called sarcomeres are prevented from releasing from their ‘locked’ state. Normally sarcomeres act like tiny pumps, contracting and relaxing to circulate blood through the muscle and surrounding tissue. When sarcomeres are ‘locked’ blood flow essentially stops and the lack of oxygen irritates the trigger point. The trigger point responds to the lack of oxygen by sending out pain signals to the brain.

This is how MAAX Spas zone therapy design works – by targeting these ‘trigger points’

What is zone therapy?

There has always been a train of thought where more jets and power was what made a better spa and manufacturers had very little to offer as far as true therapy.

Zone therapy offers optimally engineered jet size, pressure and positioning, allowing for precise hydrotherapy to the parts of the body or “ZONES” that need it the most. By looking at the most common areas of complaint due to muscle tension that are in the human body, zone therapy was developed out of the need for a system that could optimally target all of these areas at the same time.

How does each zone system help with the area it targets?

Each zone targets one of 6 regions in the body all the way from the top of the neck to the soles of your feet and uses the right amount of pressure in each zone to apply a hydro-massage to each region. The added buoyancy provided by the water, along with the ergonomic seats means the massage is applied consistently without pushing you out of your seat an missing the target zones.


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