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All About Northern Exposure Insulation

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October 10, 2018

It’s getting cold outside, but fortunately your MAAX hot tub has the right insulation to stay toasty warm no matter what the weather is doing. If you’re curious about all the great technologies utilized by MAAX to make your spa as energy efficient as possible, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll explore the different components of the Northern Exposure Insulation that makes MAAX hot tubs such a great choice for Canadians.

Reflecting Radiant Heat Back

While it’s no surprise that the heater in your spa gets hot, the pump also generates quite a bit of heat energy. Usually, that heat would be lost to the surrounding air, but the expert designers at MAAX don’t waste a single resource. Instead, MAAX spas are lined with a reflective copper material on all four sides and the floor. If you use a MAAX cover, that will be lined as well. The copper reflects any radiant heat generated from the pumps back towards  your hot tub. The heat is then absorbed by the plumbing. The radiant heat is utilized to help maintain the water temperature of your spa.

Eco-Friendly Insulation

We Canadians love our wild, untamed spaces. Albertans, in particular, take great pride in our national parks and open places. Which is why we’re happy to say that MAAX hot tubs feature eco-friendly BlueMAAX® insulation. Approved by the US Green Building Council, this insulation is made from recycled natural fiber. It contains no chemical irritants, but is highly resistant to moulds, pests, and fire. While other hot tub manufacturers are content to use urethane foam to insulate their spas, we prefer to work with MAAX and their BlueMAAX® insulation. Conventional, urethane foam filling emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs). “Organic” in this context refers to the same chemical family that oil and formaldehyde belong to; these VOCs are harmful to the environment.

Save Heat; Save Energy; Save Money

The third and final layer of protection that completes MAAX’s Northern Exposure Insulation is a three layer Thinsulate™ Insulation. Thinsulate is incredibly warm and takes up little space. A centimetre of thinsulate is actually warmer than the same amount of down. Thinsulate is water resistant, fire retardant, and, unlike down, is animal-friendly. It’s so good at its job, NASA makes use of thinsulate in space.

At RnR Hot Tubs & Spas, it’s our goal to help Calgarians find the best hot tub. We firmly believe that MAAX spas are exactly that: the best. If you want to learn more about why we know MAAX hot tubs are just the right fit for life in Canada, please contact our professionals today! It’s our pleasure answer your questions and offer expert advice.

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