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How to Stretch in a Hot Tub

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November 1, 2018

Stretching is incredibly good for you! As you reach your arms up towards the sky and feel your skin, muscles, and joints gently pull, it feels great. Stretching has been seen to help improve posture (which lead to more confidence and higher self esteem!), maintain flexibility, and increase blood flow to muscles. And if you’re a chronic sitter, like most Canadians, stretching is even more important, as stationary sitting can slow blood flow, cause muscle aches, and lead to overall stiffness.


Neck pain is a common ailment for Canadians. Stretching can help strengthen your neck muscles to relieve this pain, and a strong neck can even protect you from other types of pain — like shoulder pain and upper back pain. There are numerous neck exercises, and you don’t need to be in your hot tub to stretch your neck; you can do it anywhere! However, connecting your stretching routine to a nightly soak will ensure you remember to stretch every single day. The jets and hot water will also help to soothe muscles that are already aching, giving you more mobility and comfort as you stretch.

Neck Rotation: Keep your chin square to your shoulders and gently turn your head as if trying to look behind you. When you feel the stretch, hold for 10-15 seconds. Look over one shoulder and then the other. Repeat 10 times.

Look up more stretches for your neck.

Full Body.

Sitting in your spa helps to increase your circulation, warm up your muscles, and increase your flexibility. So if you struggle to touch your toes (or even get much past your knees), stretching in your hot tub can help prevent injury as you get started!

Wall-facing Body Stretch: Pretend to fly like superman with hands resting on side of pool and your body and legs outstretched into and supported by water. Point your toes and try to reach your feet as far back as you can. Try to feel the stretch along your entire body from your shoulder joints to your toes.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, are healing from a sport injury, or living with pain from repetitive stress, often the best treatment is exercise. Unfortunately, exercising when you already hurt is challenging. Hot water therapy can help by supporting your weight as you work the injured muscle, providing thermal relief and buoyancy.

The best place to practice hot water therapy in the comfort of your own home is in a hot tub. You’re in luck—this November, take advantage of our 2018 Clearance Sale, with hot tubs starting at $59/month OAC. Come by our location and schedule your wet test in your favourite hot tub today!

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