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Buying a Great Hot Tub Doesn’t Stop at the Model Number

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November 7, 2019

We know that we talk a lot about carefully choosing a reputable spa manufacture. We also frequently bring up considering both your current and future needs when deciding on a particular model of hot tub. Generally, we try to discuss the clear benefits of choosing the right spa with the right options — such as Clean Zone Ultra and Bluetooth MP3. But one thing we don’t talk about often enough is the importance of choosing the right hot tub dealership.

Your Trusted Partner. Your hot tub dealer is likely going to be a place you go back to time after time. Whether you need to purchase chemicals, have your hot tub serviced, or require a part for a DIY repair, you need a company that you trust to provide great service. The technicians from your chosen company will likely be working in or around your home on at least an annual basis, so it’s important you trust the work they’re doing to be necessary and well-done.

Try to get a feel for the team at any dealer you’re considering. You’re looking for technicians who are polite and knowledgeable. You want floor staff who are professional and eager to answer your questions. This dealership may very well be your trusted partner for as long as you’re a hot tub owner, so it’s ideal if you get the sense their people truly care about you.

They Empower You. There are many hot tub dealers who survive by nickel and diming their customers. They charge for every little thing, and they go out of their way to make relatively simple tasks, like learning to balance your hot tub’s chemicals, seem challenging. You won’t find that predatory approach at RnR.

In fact, RnR Hot Tubs was the first spa dealer in Alberta to create our now-famous Pool School! We welcome all Calgary hot tub owners to join our friendly teachers in a class which gives you the knowledge and practice you need to care for your spa. While we do charge a nominal tuition, upon successful completion of the course, we reward graduates with an in-store credit of equal value, so the course is virtually free.

At RnR Hot Tubs, you’ll also find our spa parts shop. We understand that many Albertans are amazingly skilled folks who are happy to take on their spa’s maintenance entirely by themselves. This is admirable, but it can be difficult for laypeople to find the exact part they need for their hot tub. That’s why we created the parts shop. Our technicians will discuss any spa problem with you, double check your spa’s model number to ensure you’re ordering the right part, and then order in any part you need directly from the manufacturer! That way you can still get the same parts the pros would use, but you do the labour yourself!

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas has been helping Calgary hot tub owners for 20 years. It’s our honour to say some of the folks we sold spas to 20 years ago are still coming by for chemicals and advice. Which is why we’ll give one last tip for choosing your dealer: pick a company that’s been around a while. Hot tubs are durable, but they do need maintenance. You need to be able to trust that the dealer you’re buying from will still be there when you need them in a year or two or twenty. At RnR, we’re proud to be celebrating 20 years of success, and we’re proud to say we’ll still be here in another 20 years serving Calgary hot tub enthusiasts just like you.

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