Owning a Hot Tub is Easier Than You Think!

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October 16, 2019

With Thanksgiving come and gone and Hallowe’en quickly following, it’s starting to feel like Christmas is just around the corner. Many Calgarians are considering Christmas presents already. And if you’re looking for a gift for your whole family, there is no better option that a beautiful, luxurious spa that everyone can enjoy.

But while many Calgary families have dreamed of owning their very own hot tub, some have hesitated because they’re worried about maintenance. We’re here to tell you that in 2019, owning a spa has never been easier!

Get into the CleanZone. We wrote last month about Canada Health’s decision to ban sodium bromide systems for consumers. This change had many hot tub enthusiasts wondering what was their next step. The good news is the next step is less cleaning and fewer chemicals! MAAX’s Cleanzone Ultra AOP System combine ozone and UV light to offer unbeatable cleaning power. These two technologies are used respectively to sterilize medical equipment and drinking water, and they’re the perfect tools for ensuring your hot tub’s water is clean and clear.

Too Cool at Pool School. Buying a hot tub is easy, but the chemistry behind maintaining it can be a bit confusing. That’s why RnR Hot Tubs created the industry’s first Spa School. At our welcoming pool school, we teach new (and veteran!) hot tub owners how to take optimal care of their spa, without overusing chemicals. Learn about the latest technologies you can utilize to make caring for your spa convenient and easy, and get all the practical, hands-on experience you need to feel confident caring for your hot tub. And of course, if you have any questions at any time, our pros are always available in store with the answers you need.

All Play; No Work. The latest and greatest technologies for spas have been bursting onto the scene the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System uses leading, global water treatment technologies; and even the siding of new spas is virtually maintenance free with no painting, sanding, or repairs — ever! We’re certain it’s only a matter of time until hot tubs will be able to test their own water and regulate chemical automatically!

But in the meantime, there are many hardworking Calgarians who just want to enjoy their spa without having to fuss with any of the maintenance. From doctors to lawyers and teachers to flight crew, overworked Albertans deserve a break. Which is why the hot tub pros at RnR offer a Monthly Maintenance Plan. It’s comprehensive to allow you complete enjoyment with no maintenance. Sign up today and relax — we’ll get the chores done.

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