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Choosing and Preparing the Site for Your Hot Tub

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May 15, 2021

You purchased a hot tub! You’re looking forward to relaxing in warm and soothing water! How do you prepare for the delivery of your spa? What steps do you need to take before your hot tub can be put in place? The following are some tips to help you get ready for the arrival of your hot tub.

  • Choose a location: Take time and carefully consider the best place to locate your new spa.
    • The site of your hot tub should be smooth, level and solid enough to support the weight of the tub, water and occupants.
    • Leave ½ metre access around all sides of the spa so that the inner workings are easily accessible for repair and/or maintenance.
    • Before choosing a site, consider the view. Will you be looking at trees and shrubs or the back alley full of garbage cans?
    • Think about the level of privacy you desire.
    • Make sure you’re a distance from trees and plants to help reduce debris that can land in the spa.
    • Is there a water source close by for filling/refilling the tub?
    • Locate your spa close enough to your home to give you easy access in all weather.
    • Is there a wide enough delivery path from the road to the space you’ve chosen?
    • Will you be sheltered from prevailing winds?
    • Consider drainage from splash-over and rain.
    • Your spa should be at least 12 feet away from overhead power, telephone or cable lines.
  • Prepare the site and base: After choosing your site, it’s time to prepare the area for your hot tub.
    • Hot tubs must be placed on solid, uniform, level surfaces such as concrete pads, pavers, sidewalk blocks, compacted crushed stone, commercial spa pads and decks/patios.
    • An ideal base is a timber frame construction or cement pad.
    • A base of patio stones on top of 4” to 6” of crushed gravel works as well.
    • If you choose to locate your spa on your deck have a professional inspect the deck to ensure it can handle the weight.
    • You can purchase a prefabricated hot tub foundation pad that will rest over a spot in your backyard and keep your spa level. Clear the area of grass and topsoil before positioning the pad.
    • A hot tub must rest completely flush with its foundation and the foundation must easily hold the tub, the water, and bathers (2,000 to 8,000 pounds when filled).
    • Elevate the foundation so that water drains away from it.
    • Hot tubs should never be placed on bare ground or grass.
    • Do not place the hot tub in an area where there are large tree roots above or near the surface.
    • Uneven surfaces and slopes can cause problems with installation and use.
    • Think about creating a concrete and/or stone path to your spa to help keep the hot tub free from dirt and debris!
  • Set up the electrical supply:  Most hot tubs run off 220 volts and will require electrical work. For safety, all spas must connect to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). Hire a qualified electrician to handle your wiring and connection issues. The further the spa is from the main breaker box, the more it will cost to wire it. Extension cords must never be used for your hot tub.

Choosing and purchasing a hot tub is only the first step in the process of establishing your spa in your backyard. You must also carefully choose a location, adequately prepare your site and take care of all electrical needs. Then, relax while you bask in the beauty of nature from your new hot tub.

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