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What to Look for in a Hot Tub

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May 1, 2021

You’ve decided to buy a hot tub. You’re excited! It’ll feel great to soak in warm soothing water while you enjoy the beauty of your backyard from an attractive spa. However, there’s more to buying a hot tub than how it feels or what it looks like. There are many things to consider and many choices when purchasing a spa. The process can feel overwhelming. It pays to be an informed shopper. The following are some tips on what to look for when purchasing a hot tub.


  • Check out the quality of construction and parts: Don’t purchase a hot tub with spray foam insulation that fills the entire cabinet as this makes future repairs difficult if not impossible. An insulated cabinet with air space to capture heat from the pump motor is a better choice. Look for a spa that has high-density insulation with a reflective backing to bounce radiant heat back into the hot tub. Even better, several layers of different types of insulation ensure maximum heat retention. An insulated moulded base is critical to prevent the ground from soaking up the heat and to keep moisture and vermin out of the hot tub cabinet. A steel frame is preferable as it provides strength and longevity. Look at pump quality and specifications in each hot tub. A quality spa will have a good jet-to-horsepower ratio for ideal efficiency and jet strength.
  • Consider the water filtration system: Filtration is an important aspect of a hot tub as it protects your spa parts from damage, improves water clarity and ensures your safety. Look for a spa that uses microbe-resistant filters as they’re more effective, easier to clean and prevent odour. Your spa should be able to filter the water quickly and efficiently, multiple times per day. Having UV light and/or ozone as part of your water treatment is a good choice as they reduce the amount of bromine/chlorine needed and increase the safety of the spa.
  • Choose your dealer carefully: Credible dealers offer a manufacturer’s warranty and back this up with service to help keep your spa at peak performance. Purchasing from a box store is unlikely to provide you with the advice and service you need if something goes wrong. Pick a company that is trustworthy, has been in business for a long time and can offer service as well as water care advice that will ease any problems encountered. Ask if they can complete repairs in the field. Check to see if your dealer provides training in spa maintenance and care.


Take the time to research the various brands of hot tubs and spa providers before you make a decision on which hot tub is right for you. Look for quality construction, efficient filtration and a credible dealer. Then, enjoy the benefits of having a hot tub in your backyard!


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