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June 8, 2019

With summer finally here for good (please?), it’s time to give your spa a thorough spring cleaning. In our previous article, we explained the what, where, and how of scrubbing your spa. But one question our pros hear fairly often is why does the hot tub need a comprehensive cleaning in the spring anyways?


Beyond just the reality of things get dirty, and therefore they need to be cleaned, following our spring cleaning guide will also help to improve your spa’s functionality and energy efficiency. It will slow down wear and tear, ensuring your hot tub stays in peak condition for decades.


Spa School.

Some hot tub veterans will know exactly which cover cleanser to choose and how to condition their hot tub cover. They’ll also be able to replace their spa filter without a worry and won’t need to look up instructions for balancing their spa’s chemicals when they refill the tub. But no one is born a pro, and that’s okay! At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we’re proud to offer Albertans Spa School. At our Spa School, you’ll become more confident with spa chemicals, and learn to balance pH, test your water, maintain your hot tub, and more. Our spa school is only $200, and upon completion of the class, you can redeem your tuition for in-store credit! Consider it our investment in the next generation of hot tub owners!


Monthly Maintenance Plan.

Hot tubs are delightfully fun, but they also require work. The cover should be wiped monthly, the hot tub should be drained, completely cleaned, and refilled every 3-4 months. The filter needs to be cleaned monthly and replaced annually. Instruments, electronics, and other technologies have to be evaluated and repaired as necessary.


Understandably, many spa enthusiasts want to enjoy their hot tub without any of the dirty work. Which is why our pros came up with our convenient, holistic monthly maintenance plan. If you want to relax in your spa knowing that it’s always in top condition, this plan is for you! As a member, you’ll receive a new set of filters, 20% of accessories, parts, and service, and an included, annual 50 point inspection. Every two weeks, we’ll send an expert hot tub technician to your home to test your spa’s water, balance the chemical, clean or replace your filter (as necessary), wipe your cover, wash your tub’s outer shell, scrub the tub’s interior above the surface of the water, and remove any particles.


In short, you get to do the relaxing, and we’ll do the rest!


Have you been putting off your spa’s spring cleaning? Summers in Calgary are too short to procrastinate any longer! Whether you need a confidence booster at our pool school or simply need an expert to come and just do it, our pros are here to help. Contact our team today!

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