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Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Hot Tub Summer Ready!

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June 1, 2019

We write often about how your spa helps to take care of you. From improving your mental health and making sleep easier to speeding your recovery from sport injuries, your hot tub is always there when you need it. Which is why if you’ve let your spa hibernate for the winter, it’s only right to provide your hot tub with the maintenance it needs now that spring has arrived.


Over the icy months, we recommend protecting your spa’s cover with a winter cap cover. This affordable cover protector prevents Calgary’s harsh winter from deteriorating your spa’s expensive cover, and helps to keep it clean and dry. But now that it’s spring, it’s time for the winter cap to come off and for your cover to get its first scrub of the season. Using a non-abrasive cleaner (we recommend Spa Life Cover Care), give your cover a thorough wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Then rinse the cover with warm water.


Cleaning your cover isn’t really a spring cleaning chore, as you should Ideally wipe down your spa’s cover every month until winterizing it again in autumn.


When you’ve finished wiping the cover, move on to the rest of the body. Drain your spa completely, and give it a thorough wipe inside and out with Natural Chemistry Clean and Perfecgt. Remember to look up how to remove and clean the pillows on your unique spa as well, and you’ll also want to give the steps a good scrub.


As you clean, take the time to carefully inspect every inch of your hot tub for signs of wear and tear. If anything seems to be degrading, have one of our team members give your spa our legendary 50-point check up. We’ll perform our comprehensive inspection and diagnostics, so you can repair any problems before something breaks.


Once you’re satisfied with the condition of your spa, fill it back up using a hose with an attached filter, and carefully balance the chemicals according to the instructions. Ideally, you should completely drain, wipe, and refill your spa every 3 to 4 months — not just in the spring.


The next item on your list should also be done more than once a year, but spring is a great time to start if you haven’t already: cleaning your spa filter. Now you should also replace your hot tub filter annually, so if you haven’t done that yet, June is the perfect time to do so. Hot tub season is just beginning, so you can get the most out of your new filter by replacing it now. To clean your filter, first check the manufacturer’s recommendations (or talk to one of our friendly hot tub experts) to learn how to clean your filter. Most hot tub filters benefit greatly from a monthly, overnight soak in a filter free cleansing solution, or our new UltraSonic Filter Cleaning Service.


Does all this spring cleaning seem like a whole lot of work? If you’ve been putting off enjoying your hot tub because you just don’t have the energy to scrub and polish for hours, you should know that RnR Hot Tubs and Spa offers affordable Spring Cleaning and monthly maintenance packages! Contact our pros today at 403-203-0860, and get ready to enjoy your hot tub tomorrow!

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