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May 10, 2019

With the winter over, many Canadians are jumping back into their favourite activities. But after a long break, it’s all too easy to push too hard too fast, and pull or strain something. The best way to ensure you meet your fitness goals — without harming yourself — is to take advantage of your spa. Blissful hydrotherapy and thermotherapy combined with gentle stretching can help you to recover faster, so you can get back to the activities you love.

Pain Prevention.

During an intense workout, your circulatory & respiratory systems can’t always get enough oxygen to your muscles. In this case, your body switches to anaerobic respiration, which produces lactic acid and causes cramping. After a grueling workout that leaves your muscles burning, it’s not unusual to experience delayed-onset-soreness the next morning. Relaxing in your spa can help prevent this pain.

Your circulatory system reacts to the heat of your spa by increasing circulation to your extremities, delivering extra oxygen and nutrients to your recovering muscle tissues. Simultaneously, the water supports and cushions your body, giving your muscles a well deserved break.

Relieve the Aches.

From the ancient hot stone massage to the modern heat wrap, humans have turned to heat to relieve aching muscles from time immemorial. Heat has an unmatched ability to relax and unknot muscles, allowing them to loosen and recover from injury faster and with less pain.  With Maax Spas, you can recover faster and enjoy a spa as part of your exercise routine. With the World’s first medically designed seating you will enjoy a massage designed to target all the right muscle groups

Keep Active.

When you’re recovering from an injury, you’ll want to balance staying fit with giving yourself adequate time to heal. The right fitness spa can be the perfect tool for facilitating recuperating with keeping active. The water in your hot tub can support your body while you exercise — aqua yoga, swimming, and even resistance training are all possible with the right MAAX Spa.

We believe that hot tubs make the perfect at-home fitness hub. Whether your hot tub is the centre of your regular fitness routine, a tool for recovery and pain prevention, or something in between, we’re certain you’ll love and see the value of having the right spa as part of your home gym. Talk with the hot tub experts at RnR today to learn more about the best fitness spas to meet your needs.

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