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A Gift for the Mom Who Has it All

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May 1, 2019

Your Mom helped to craft the foundation that has allowed you to flourish. She provided you with every advantage she could, so it’s only natural that you want to show her how much you appreciate her. But when Mom already has seemingly everything, what’s left to give her? Try a luxurious spa where she can focus on her favourite fitness activities from the comfort of her home, spend time with her family, or just meditate and unwind in perfect tranquility.

Fitness Fun.

Many moms love to stay active. Yoga, aerobics, and resistance exercises are all very popular. At RnR, we have a few fantastic spas that are large enough to accommodate mom in an aqua yoga routine, or even allow swimming! MAAX hot tubs also have compatible strength training bands that allow mom to get a full body workout without leaving the house — perfect for those extra busy days when she just doesn’t have time to hit the gym.

Bring the Family Together.

For many mothers, the most meaningful gift is more time with her loved ones. A hot tub can serve as a central hub where everyone can gather to relax and discuss their day. Dinner and wine in the spa can be a wonderful way for spouses to reconnect, and if DIY spa treatments appeal to you both, a hot tub can be the perfect place for adult children and mom to spend an hour or two.

Her Place to Unwind.

Canadians are struggling with getting enough sleep. The number of hours we’re busy at work have increased significantly over the years, and for the ladies — who still do the majority of unpaid labour in the home — it can be hard to disengage from a busy to-do list and just relax for a few minutes. If mom needs a little help to de-stress, a hot tub can be the perfect tool for finding her inner peace. Meditation and mindfulness can both be practiced in the spa, and has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression and to help practitioners to feel more calm and in control.

When it comes to large Mother’s Day gifts, like a hot tub, we recommend conspiring with dad to get all the details figured out. Our hot tub experts can help answer your questions, point you in the right direction towards the spas that will be meet mom’s needs, and even schedule a wet test, so you can be confident in your choice. Come into RnR today, and buy mom a gift she really will love.

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