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Cover Care & When to Give it a Proper Burial

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April 15, 2015

Most hot tub owners don’t think about the maintenance of their hot tub cover quite as much as they devote time and energy to maintaining the hot tub itself. While this is most likely justified, proper care of your hot tub cover can significantly increase its’ longevity.

Unlike the inside of your hot tub, the cover is exposed to the elements all year long. Most hot tubs are made from marine-grade vinyl, which means that they are certainly resistant to adverse weather conditions. That being said, proper cleaning and conditioning will make your hot tub cover last much longer.

Fortunately for you, hot tub cover care is relatively simple and straightforward. Over time, a hot tub cover that’s consistently neglected is likely to develop thin spots, rips, or tears. If you don’t know how to properly care for your hot tub cover, these tips have been designed to help:


When attempting to clean your hot tub cover it’s important to start with a dry cover. If it’s been raining recently, take some time to dry the entire cover before proceeding. While you surely have a number of cleaning products in your household, spa covers require cleaning solutions that have been specifically formulated for this exact purpose.

Once you have the proper cleaning solution in hand, begin by simply wiping it on every surface of your hot tub cover and utilize a soft cloth to remove any excess solution. Additional application might be required in problem areas near seams or in low spots that tend to accumulate water.

While it’s fairly easy to apply this cleaning solution to the top and side of your hot tub cover, the inside requires a different approach entirely. Hopefully, the inside of your hot tub cover doesn’t require regular cleaning, but if you notice a build up of mold or the presence of a musty smell, it might need some attention.

To properly clean the inside of your spa cover, create a mixture consisting of one part bleach and ten parts water. In other words, your solution should only be about 10% bleach. Before applying this solution, it’s important that you remove the cover from the spa. When finished, make sure to thoroughly spray it clean with fresh water. 


Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the outside of your hot tub cover, you’re now ready to apply a protectant that will extend the life of the vinyl. If you fail to thoroughly clean your cover before applying a protectant, it may not be absorbed as it should and the effectiveness of protection will be reduced.

If you neglect proper conditioning of your hot tub cover after cleaning it, you’ll find that it will be dirty again in no time. Cleaning actually makes your hot tub cover more susceptible to the collection of dirt if you fail to properly condition the vinyl after cleaning it.

If your hot tub cover is cracked, torn, heavy, bent, warped, or its’ appearance is simply frustrating to you, it might be time to consider a replacement. If you wish to speak to a hot tub specialist about your cover needs, please don’t hesitate to give RnR Hot Tubs a call at 1-403-203-0860 today!

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