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Everything You Need to Know about Winterizing

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February 1, 2017

When it comes to outdoor hot tubs and the Canadian winter, there are two ways to go about things. First, you can put your hot tub into winter mode. This will keep it running hot all winter long, so you can take a soak in the middle of a blizzard if you want. Our previous blog should give you all the information you need on keeping your hot tub running smoothly during these cold months. The other option is to drain and fill the lines with anti-freeze. We’re going to discuss that option today.

We Offer Two Winterization Packages.

When it comes to winterizing, we don’t recommend doing it yourself unless you’re certain you have the skill and experience to not damage your spa. Winterization isn’t particularly difficult, but it does require carefully making sure everything gets done. Any leftover water or other mistakes could lead to your hot tub no longer working come spring.

Our more luxurious winterization package is an all-inclusive service. We completely drain and winterize your spa for $299. Our economy winterization package will leave your spa in the same great, winter-ready condition, but you’ll need to carefully drain the tub yourself. This package is only $210. Please remember that, regardless of which winterization package you purchase, you will also need to budget for Antifreeze. Typically, a hot tub requires 2 jugs of Antifreeze, which are $13 each.

What Our Packages Include!

We take spa maintenance and care packages very seriously, which is why we alway strive to include everything a hot tub could need to stay in perfect condition. Clients who choose one of our winterization packages will benefit from our technicians vacuuming out all the water from their spa, loosening all fittings to the pump, drain, heater, and diverter caps, and carefully filling all the lines with a non-toxic Antifreeze.

Our Recommendation.

We’re always happy to work with Calgarian’s to help them take excellent care of their hot tub. It’s one of the reasons we strongly suggest having one of our experts take care of winterizing your spa. But whether you go for the DIY route or decide to give us a call, don’t forget to balance the chemistry of your spa before it’s drained. This will help prevent moulding while you wait for summer!

Find you aren’t using your hot tub as often as you thought you would over the winter? It’s not too late to winterize it. Winter is only half over, so there’s tons of money to be saved on utilities and energy if you’re not going to take a soak until June. If you want to learn more about winterizing your spa, call the experts at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas today!

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