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Graduation Party in my Hot Tub

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June 13, 2016

Congratulations to all of those graduating from high school, trade school, university, and graduate school this 2016! You’re reaching the end of a long journey and the start of a new one: what better way to mark the occasion than a party in your backyard hot tub?

Perfect Party Planning

Don’t forget to make your plan a few days ahead of your party: think about how many guests you’ve invited and make sure you have enough seating. Cut the grass a few days before putting out the lawn furniture so you don’t spread grass clippings all over furniture, feet, and damp hot tubbing bodies! Get your menu sorted out several days in advance: consider doing a barbecue along with some easy-to-eat finger foods that will stay on the plate when guests wander in and out of the house.

Preparation for the Party

Think about numbers: your hot tub can only hold so many people at once comfortably and without overflowing, so make sure to invite a small enough number or make sure guests take shifts in the tub. Speaking of guests, some of them might not have thought through bringing their own bathing suit and towel, so it’s great if you have a couple extras on hand so everybody can participate! Don’t forget that people will be spending time both in and out of the hot tub, so make sure there’s other things to do like board games, spa treatments, or a movie running inside.

Alcohol and Hot Tubs

If you’re of legal drinking age, you’re probably imagining relaxing back in your hot tub with a tall glass of something cold and boozy…but you might want to think twice. Hot tubs make you sweat, dehydrating you, and dehydration intensifies the effects of alcohol, making you drunker faster. You also run the risk of heat stroke: because alcohol expands your blood vessels, the heat of the hot tub warms up your body faster. Between the relaxing effects of the alcohol and the warm water, you also run the risk of falling asleep, which is never a good idea when you would slip underwater! If you’re going to imbibe, make sure to take regular breaks from the hot water to cool off; drink in moderation; and try a rule of thumb like drinking a glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Or, choose non-alcoholic drinks until you’re done with the hot tub!

Did you know that several of our spa models come equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth? That’s totally party-ready since you and your guests can hook into the speakers, and you can enjoy some pump-up or chill-out tunes depending on what mood you want to set. Come visit our showroom to check our what we have in store for you!

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