Hot Tub Buying Tips

Hot Tub Buying Tips

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August 1, 2021

Buying a hot tub is exciting! It’s an investment in your health; offering stress relief, pain reduction and relaxation. But, purchasing a hot tub can be confusing! There are so many factors to consider and multiple brands and models to choose from. If you want to find the perfect spa for your family, you need to take your time and do some research. The following are some tips to help you narrow your spa search.

  • Consider your size needs: How many people will be using the hot tub at one time? Do you plan on hosting spa parties? Hot tubs come as small as two-seaters and large enough that they can seat twelve people at once! Look for a spa that will fit your intended usage. Don’t forget to take into consideration the space limitations of your backyard. 
  • Think about the shape: Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes. Round tubs are great for groups. Square tubs offer deep corner seats and more space. Rectangular and triangular shapes are available but less common. When they’re chosen it’s often because they work in an unusual space. Custom shapes are also an option. 
  • Ponder therapy: If physical treatment is at the top of your list, you’ll want to purchase a hot tub with powerful therapeutic jets, strategically placed to relieve back, neck, shoulder and leg pain. 
  • Contemplate special features: Many optional hot tub features are available, designed to enhance your experience (LED lighting, adjustable massage jets, WIFI connectivity, sound systems, remote spa operation, waterfalls, built-in exercise equipment, etc.). Decide which features are important to you. Make a list of the accessories that you’re interested in and balance them against your budget.
  • Think about time: The more often you plan on using your hot tub and the longevity you desire from it will determine the quality you should buy. Look for a reliable, well-built spa. Tubs from big box stores typically last 3-5 years, wood frame spas 7-12 years, and Steel framed spas 25 years. A high-quality spa is well worth the investment. Spa Engineering is important.
  • Consider costs: Take into account the purchase price and total cost of ownership. Look for an energy-efficient model to save on your utility bill. Look for patented insulation systems that have been tested internationally. Models with 3M Thinsulate demonstrate a commitment to quality and longevity and come with lifetime warranties. These systems allow for onsite service and will save you $1000’s in ownership costs.
  • Inquire regarding a warranty: There’s always a risk that something will go wrong or a part will wear/break and you’ll require maintenance and/or repairs. Reputable manufacturers have lifetime warranties for the structure and insulation and years of coverage for the electrical and mechanical components.
  • Try before you buy: Research different models, features and specifications online. Choose a few models that meet your needs. Go to a local dealer like RnR Hot Tubs and Spas and ask if you can try these models. Reliable dealers will arrange for you to test a few. 
  • Choose a reputable dealer, one that’s been in business for a while. Refrain from online and auction-style stores. Their bargains seem enticing but the product is rarely high quality. Hot tub shops offer customer support, quality products, training on maintenance and warranty service in case you’re in need of repairs. 

Keep these buying tips in mind when shopping for a hot tub. They’ll help simplify the purchase process. Knowing what you want and being aware of your budget will help narrow the list of choices. Have fun making your purchase!

Need help making a hot tub purchase? Want advice regarding size, shape and features? Our hot tub experts are here to help. Owned by service professionals with over 30 years of experience, and with prestige brands including American Whirlpool and Vita Spa, we can make your hot tub purchase exceptional. Please call 403-203-0860 to set up an appointment.

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