Hot Tub Filters — Disposable or Washable?

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September 12, 2016

Part of being the happy owner of a brand new hot tub is deciding how you’re going to keep it clean. While hot tub maintenance is generally quite low, caring for the chemistry of your water and your spa’s filter system are two important and necessary tasks. If you want your hot tub to continue running well for years and be a healthy and fun place for a soak, you’ll need to understand hot tub maintenance basics. Let’s start with your filter!

Disposable hot tub filters have lately become more popular with busy Calgarians. These filters are built to be installed, used over the next 3-4 months, and then thrown away. Since they don’t require any cleaning or general maintenance between installation and disposal, they’re a great option for any Canadian who wants to spend more time enjoying their hot tub and less time cleaning it.

However, no product is perfect. In the long run, buying disposable filters is often more expensive than investing in a washable one. Calgarians who are more environmentally conscious, may also prefer having a washable option. For hot tubbers who enjoy frequent soaks, the disposable filters may not be able to keep up with the amount of body oil, hair, etc entering the water. You’ll either need to change the filter more often, or switch to a washable option.

Washable hot tub filters need to be washed around once a month — and as often as once a week for avid hot tubbers. They’re more affordable over the long run than disposable options and also create less waste than disposable varieties. Many Calgarians enjoy that these filters easily adapt to their hot tubbing usage. If they’re soaking every day, they wash them a little more often; if they haven’t touched the tub all month, they just leave the filter be.

In general, we recommend new hot tub owners take time to experiment with both disposable and washable filters. Find out which system works best for you! And if you have any questions about which filters you should use and what products will making cleaning washable filters easier and faster, call our hot tub experts today at 403-203-0860.

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