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Hot Tub Ownership is Not Too Expensive

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February 1, 2019

One of the things we hear far too often from Calgarians who have always dreamed of owning a hot tub is that buying a spa is just too expensive. For our team of hot tub enthusiasts, there’s nothing worse than listening to someone who would benefit from owning a spa talk about how that goal is out of reach. Which is why RnR Hot Tubs and Spas strives to make hot tub ownership something that can fit anyone’s budget.


Reuse & Recycle!

Hot tubs are incredibly durable, so when Calgarians decide to upgrade to the newest model, their old spa is usually still in perfect condition. Often times,  these old hot tubs find their way into giant spa graveyards, but at RnR, we like to give them a second chance. We completely refurbish these older tubs and sell them at reduced rates. This means that we’re both saving the old model from sitting in a landfill and also making hot tub ownership more accessible at a lower entry cost! That’s a win-win in our opinion. Take a look at our latest refurbished hot tubs!


Reevaluating Your Health and Wellness Budget for 2019.

Canadians spend a lot of money on healthcare and wellness. We place great value on feeling healthy and strong, but we don’t always spend those dollars as effectively as possible. In January, many Canadians signed up for a year-long gym pass, and they’ve already stopped going. If your gym pass costs you $100 per month, that’s $1200 that could have gone towards a hot tub instead — a convenient hub of wellness where you can exercise, meditate, and heal muscle or joint pain all from the comfort of your home.


Many of the newest MAAX and American Whirlpool models also come with physician designed massage zones. The massage zone combines thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, and perfectly positioned jets to help relieve tension in your body. If professional massages make up a large portion of your wellness budget, it’s worth considering that owning a hot tub costs less than 10 massages a year. Especially since studies show that just 30 minutes in a hot tub 3 times a week can greatly reduce pain and anxiety among patients suffering from chronic pain.


Budget Friendly Payment Plans.

Another problem is that many Calgarians look at buying a hot tub as one huge purchase. We absolutely understand how dropping a couple grand all at once would be intimidating, but that’s only one option. At RnR Hot Tubs, we offer payment plans with monthly rates as low as $59.00/mo OAC and no down payment.


We never want to hear that someone has put off their dream of owning a hot tub because they can’t afford a spa in a single payment out of pocket. There are always more options. We’re here to help you find the ones that work for you. Come in to RnR Hot Tubs and Spas today to talk with our experts.

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