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Doctor Designed Massage Zone Therapy

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January 10, 2019

Every year Canadians are diagnosed as living with chronic pain. From excessive sitting at our office jobs to arthritis in our aging population, pain management is becoming more and more important for Calgarians at home. MAAX has risen to the challenge of helping Canadians to feel better by designing perfectly crafted spas built to relieve pain and promote healing. In coordination with physicians, MAAX and American Whirlpool spas offer a doctor designed massage zone that provides necessary therapy to relieve your aches and pains.


Healing Injuries.

Sports injuries can be difficult challenges to come back from. On one hand, you know it’s important to keep exercising, but the injury may hurt or be too weak to support your body. Water fitness, like aqua yoga, can help. In your spa, you can choose the perfect temperature to both stay comfortable when you exercise, while also allowing the heat to help loosen stiff muscles. The water cradles your body as you exercise, and when you’re finished working out, you can treat your injury in the physician designed massage zone therapy. In coordination with doctors, every jet was carefully positioned in order to provide optimal relief from muscular and joint pain.


Relieve Chronic Pain.

From arthritis to a sore back, there’s not like a spa to ease aches with heat and water. Thermo therapies and hydrotherapies have been used by numerous cultures since ancient times. Long before modern medicine developed, people implicitly understood the healing power of both water and heat. In your hot tub, the water will hold and support your body, relieving your joints and muscles. The heat will immediately get to work to relax and soften tissues, improving circulation to your extremities. Finally, the perfect pressure of our zone therapy jets will massage your pains exactly where you need it most.


Sleep Better.

If there are two miracle treatments for nearly every ailment, they’re exercise and sleep. Your hot tub can help you with both! Before bed, set aside some time away from your screens to soak in your spa. Turn the lights down low to cue your circadian rhythm that night has come, and relax in the water. Let your mind wander or practice mindfulness by focusing on how the water moves over your skin. Or while you enjoy an evening massage in your spa, try to feel the pressure of every jet as the water pushes against your body.  


Many hot tub owners find soaking for 15 minutes an hour and half before bed works best for them. The heat of your hot tub slightly raises your temperature, so when you get out of the water your body will be working to cool itself. As your core drops in temperature during the 90 minutes before bed, that will send a decisive signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Remember, to choose non-screen activities between hot tub time and going to bed!


At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we’ve heard from so many happy clients about how much they love and use the massage zone therapy in their American Whirlpool or MAAX spa. From relieving pain to helping them sleep better, the doctor designed massage zone therapy makes Calgarians’ lives better.


Want to start sleeping and feeling better? The hot tub experts at RnR are here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect spa. Come by today and sleep better tonight!

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