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Is it Time to Trade in Your Spa?

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March 15, 2020

A hot tub from a reputable manufacturer, like MAAX, is incredibly durable. With careful maintenance and the occasional repair, they can last indefinitely. Which brings an obvious question: if your hot tub isn’t going to fail, should you trade it in anyways? Well, maybe.


We know maybe isn’t a particularly satisfying answer, but whether it’s time to trade in your spa is really going to depend on your circumstances, your needs, and how well your current hot tub is meeting them. For example, if you’re moving, it may simply be easier to sell your current spa as part of your house. Then, instead of trying to retrofit your old spa into a new space, you can move then have the latest, greatest hot tub delivered directly to your new address.


The government of Canada also recently made a decision on the personal use of sodium bromide by consumers. Sodium bromide was flagged as a health risk by the FDA, so manufacturers are no longer offering parts or supplies to support these salt systems. If your spa uses a salt system and has been hibernating since the government made this decision, you may want to consider trading your hot tub in. Otherwise, you’ll need to schedule a salt deactivation.


Calgarians often opt to trade in their old spa once the warranty runs out. The warranties offered by the best spa manufacturers, like MAAX, are generous, which is why we always work with our customers to find the best spa for your needs now and in the future. Warranties typically cover all manufacturer defects for the first five years, so we recommend buying a hot tub that will serve you well for at least that long.


Of course, your hot tub should outlive its warranty by 10 or 20 years with proper care, but aiming to keep your spa for at least the warranty period is a good goal. After that five year period, evaluate your current and future needs. If a newer hot tub would better serve who you are today or who you’ll be tomorrow, it may be time to trade in.


When to trade in your hot tub is a personal decision. It will depend a lot on your budget, situation, and how well your current spa is meeting your needs. If your spa is running great and does everything you want, that’s great! But, on the other hand, if your hot tub is aging and something always seems to be broken, then trading in is a logical step. You may also want to trade in if your hot tub is near or over 10 years old. Spa technology has advanced a ton in the last decade, and newer models are far more energy efficient. You’ll save money in the long run by investing in a model that takes advantage of the latest tech — like  copper reflected lining, which was first invented by NASA.


Considering whether it’s time to trade in your hot tub? The experts at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas can help. Our friendly team is always happy to answer your questions, schedule a wet test, and help you find the best new spa to meet your ever-changing needs. Call us today.

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